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    We are recently facing a malfunction in our robot KUKA KR 360L280 with KRC2 controller. After working for 5 hours approximately, the robot suddenly stopped stating 'motor temperature A4'.

    We monitored the variable TempA4 it was fluctuating between 390 and 410 Kelvin. We sensed motor 4 with our hands, it was like 290 Kelvin because if it was actually 390 Kelvin, we wouldn't be able to touch the motor.

    Also, we tried to switch the cables between A4 and A5 then played a program for a full day...nothing happened and all the motors temperatures were normal.

    My question is, what do you think can cause such problem? can the temp sensor in the motor be replaced? or do you prefer to change the cable? or drive?

    Thanks in advance,

    I have a kuka KR 180-2 with kuka KRC02 ed05 controller (v5.6.11). I have recently installed 7th axis (turn table) which has servo motor (00-104-897) and KSD1-16.

    The problem is that when I set the axis type to '5' (endless rotation), the controller displays error no. 310 saying "$axis_TYPE[7] invalid value" and error no. 259 "/R1machine data loader aborted"! However, when I set it to type "3", it works fine and the table rotates perfectly! take into consideration that the table came with no mechanical limits and it is able to rotate endless rotation.

    I tried to compare the attached below $machine.dat file (&PARAM VERSION = 3.8.1) with the one located in the Mada folder at D:, but they are the same.

    Question: is there any additional configuration should I do to make the 7th axis act as type 5?

    thanks in advance,

    thank you sooo much :red_heart: it worked

    there is still a one issue, when I set the Axis type to 5 (infinite rotation) it displays an error 255 saying "$Axis_Type[7] invalid value" so it worked when I change it to 3! but I need to use the turn table as type 5 so what should I do?

    I have searched about this issue but nothing appeared.

    I have a kuka KR 360 L280-2 with kuka KRC02 ed05 controller (v5.6.11). I have recently installed 7th axis (turn table) which has servo motor (00-104-897) and KSD1-16. I have done all the configuration in machine.DAT (including $PMCHANNEL[7] = 121) and ($BRK_MODE = B 1101)and Also connect the smb using interference suppressions to connect to the contactor (G1/K1) pin14 NO and to pin 8 in X14.

    On the other hand, the HMI keeps on displaying error no 325: (Safe single axis brake control E1- active) so seems that the SMB connection/configuration didn't work! I have searched for a manual explaining the connection wiring of smb but didn't find one!

    Is there any reconfiguration or missing step in the previous explained procedure?

    thank you


    I have a kuka KR 360 L280-2 with kuka KRC02 ed05 controller (v5.6.11). I am using it as a 3d printer so that an extruder is linked to VFD and this VFD is connected to the robot via Delta PLC (slave module) in a CANbus network (500 Kbps). The PLC code is set to only receive from the robot and never send anything to it.

    In the code I send analog output command ($ANOUT[1]= 0.13875) to increase the speed of the extruder at certain layers.

    The problem is that when the robot reaches the analog output command line, it stops for a while then continues, and that is ruining the print !! on the other hand, when there is a command to increase the robot's movement velocity ($VEL.CP=0.01), the robot never stops. It increases the velocity while continuing its path.

    The question: is the pause coming from the lag of the CANbus network connection despite its 500Kbps bauderate? or there is a certain parameter I need to change?

    You can find a sample code I have tested recently, its about a long straight line divided into several lines in which in between I sent analog commands. Also, the acceleration parameter is set to maximum (I use Kuka PRC for slicing).

    Thank you

    I assume you are using the MFC DeviceNet port on the KRC2?

    That port can only act as a DN Master, not Slave. It should work with any other DN device that acts as a simple polled-I/O Slave. Most PLCs can be configured to act as either M or S on DN.

    Thank you dear, the network in working well :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::face_blowing_a_kiss: So I just have to reconfigure the external drives later because I will be using them.

    Many thanks :red_heart:

    Dear SkyeFire,

    much appreciated for your answer, I will try it tomorrow.

    I have another question btw, the devicenet module I am using is a regular PLC with a slave can bus extension (not a remote i/o module where the pins is directly linked to the kuka operating system) and it does receive and send 4 bytes (double word). Does that affect the operation? or it has another way to be configured than the regular remote i/o devicenet?

    It is Delta (DVP SA2 + DVPDT 01-s)

    thanks in advance

    Hi Panic,

    it is IND for double word or INDW?

    definitely MADA related. how many external axes you have there?

    Hi Panic,

    I am using it for 3d Printing, so I only need a 1 digital output signal to turn on and off the extruder.

    - Something to add, the devicenet module is a regular PLC with a slave can bus extension (not a remote i/o module where the pins is directly linked to the kuka operating system). Does that affect the operation? or it has another way to be configured?

    Many thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


    I have bought a delta PLC that acts as a slave can bus module (DVP SA2 + DVPDT 01-s) to extract a digital output from my kuka KR c2 robot (with a MFC 3 card installed). After setting up the connections, I did the first step that was configuring DEVNET.INI. After that, when I go to configure> I/ODriver>Reconfigure I/O Driver, it displays an error no 29 saying ' Drive bus DSE 1 participation no. 8 - 9 not configured' .

    Checking this message error states that there is an Interbus configuration and physical structure do not match. what are the possible mistakes that may lead to this error?



    - the robot has 2 other cards installed besides the mfc 3 card (one is for serial communication and the other is for.

    - I tried to ignore this error and continue setting up the devicenet but the same error still appears.

    - when I enter the Telnet window to use dnSetBaudRate or dnWho, it replies with undefined symbol.

    - devicenet module (my plc) leds are stating that everything is fine

    - some pictures (including log files of devnet and iosys) and a video are found in this link:…SRkOlWdEjradJ?usp=sharing

    The X801 port on the MFC is for DeviceNet. The KRC MFC card DN port can only act as a DN Master. There are a wide variety of DN Slave I/O modules of various types on the market. As long as it is a simple polled-I/O module, it should present no issues communicating with the KRC.

    "Fancy" DN modules, that require remote configuration, or explicit messaging, will probably be hard or impossible to connect.

    I am willing to use Delta RTU-Dnet with dvp 16SP module (having 6 di and 6 DO), do you think this will work?


    hope you are fine!
    I just want to ask a technical question, We have kuka kr c2 robot and we need to attach an extruder for 3d printing. we only need to take a digital output port from the robot (with no need for analog). what interface should I use to connect the mfc3 card installed in the robot control panel (×801 ) and the relay to control the extruder?
    ps: the robot windows is xp
    thank you,

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