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    Does anyone have any information on a devicenet master/slave PCI? One has arrived with no information regarding how to install or use such a device in order to get devicenet to work. I've had everything checked over for the mfc card regarding hardware and software by a kuka engineer but the error persists thus requiring the purchase of this new card.

    The KSS version is V5.2.22 which was recently upgraded by a Krc2 kuka engineer from a very outdated software which I quote (he has never seen before).

    The switches I assume you are referring to relate to the Beckhoff unit which is set to 0 on the left switch and 3 on the right switch. The alternative Beckhoff unit which I have tried uses the software to set the macid which did not work either.

    Did I not give you the module connected to the MFC? That module has nothing attached to it. It has 8 inputs and 8 outputs according to the EDS of the product. The module is a Beckhoff LP2401-B520 fieldbus compact box.

    The Beckhoff unit comes default paramatized which from my understanding should work out of the box with its auto detection function for baudrate but you just set the address on the 2 switches. The alternative beckhoff unit was set up by a Beckhoff engineer and did not work with the controller either although regardless of who set it up for parametization for the kuka controller it may have been wrong as I do not specialise in Beckhoff software I cannot check if it was correct. I just thought getting a Beckhoff engineer to parametize it would be the best bet to rule out that error possibility.

    I cannot give you exact measurements of voltage etc right now but earlier today all the troubleshooting factors present in the checking hardware section of the kuka device net manual were met.

    I apologise again for the vagueness of my post. I hope I have given you more to go off although I cannot give you exact hardware parameters. What are the essential things to ensure are accurate in regards to the hardware?

    It quite possibly could be the user (fingers crossed it is the user here). I have only done what I can understand from the posts I have read. I am by no means an expert.

    I do not really fully understand what information someone like yourself would require to answer such an issue. All I can provide without a truly tested experts interaction is the issue I am having and hopefully enough information. I will apologise again for not understanding the information you require to answer my query but I will get back to you as soon as I can to provide the information.


    For the past few days I have been attempting to get Device net on a KRC2 to work with a brand new Beckhoff fieldbus module (IP2401-B520). I have also tried an alternative Beckhoff module with no success either.

    I have set the dip switches on the module to 3. I have the green lights on the module displaying it is working. I understand from a lot of the posts I have read that this is more than likely a hardware issue. I have (24VDC,CAN H, Shield, CAN L, 0VDC and terminating resistor on both ends between both CANs) which has been checked and double checked even when ringing kuka support. The wiring I believe is not the issue.

    I have configured the DEVNET.INI file with the following:


    macid=3 (i have tried altering both files with different macids)

    Baudrate=125 (I have tried 250 and 500)

    I have configured the IOSYS.INI file with the following:






    When I reconfigure the I/O driver with these settings I get "6503 Configuration error I/O driver DN2DRV"

    I have tried resetting both the module and the controller and booting them up at the same time. I have enabled the IOSYS logfile and found the driver ready is 0 and the driver version is 0116 but I get an input objects of 1 and an output objects of 1. I have used the Telnet diagnostic tool and used the command dnWho and found DNDRV [0] and [3] which are in the scanlist but I cannot locate the beckhoff unit in the external device section as it says “DNDRV ERROR: receive error interrupt”. I do not really know what this all shows me but thought it may help someone else. I think the DNDRV [0] is for the MFC as it is the master so has macid=0 and the DNDRV [3] is the macid=3 that I set but I am not getting a signal from the external device.

    When I type dnShow 1 I get:


    Scanner enable:stopped

    Scanner state:error

    Can errors:284

    Can overflow:0

    System time:-50059026

    Baudrate:125 kbaud

    [00] KRC state 00 master none

    everything below that zeros

    [03] Warn 0 state 03:01 offline

    then zeros for everything below that

    Does the driver version matter?

    I am currently not able to try any suggestions right now but anything to try on the software side would be great for tomorrows battle. I have used the kuka devicenet manual for KR C2 edition2005 to guide me through this before seeking out the help of you guys!

    A brand new MFC2 card is coming tomorrow to try everything I have all over again. I do not even know if the card is the issue. I do not know much about MFC cards.

    I apologise if i am missing any other information and for the length/bad layout. I have an archive on my computer of the robot in question so I may be able to let you know any further information.

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