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    I'm using a LBR iiwa 7 R800 with Sunrise OS/Workbench 1.16.

    I have program that reads points from a .csv file and modifies a frame ("framePoint") which the robot moves.

    Basically it reads the data file then parses each line into the appropriate data to modify the framePoint then instructs the robot to move to the point.

    Below is the basic code:

    // Define frame based on point values

    ObjectFrame P3 = getApplicationData().getFrame("/Virtual_PET/Corrected_PET/P1");

    Frame framePoint = P3.copyWithRedundancy();







    // Move to the point location



    My question is how would I modify this so that I can read in all the points and create a CP or JP Spline move with these points?

    I see in the manual it has an example to do the following:

    Spline mySpline = new Spline(








    How would I use this to make a continuous spline move from the .csv data file points?


    I know this is an old thread but I've had a similar problem and I don't understand why I can't go to the origin of the Base frame I created. Why would the orientation parameters not fit?

    FYI: I'm new to the lbr iiwa and still learning some of the basics.

    Also, I am unable to modify the parameters of the base frame that was taught. I can copy the frame and then move to a point but I was hoping to modify the taught base frame. Any help on modifying this programmatically would be appreciated. I'm moving a source in a medical scanner and obtaining the scanner coordinate positions then I'm wanting to adjust my base frame to match the scanner positions.

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