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    hi! I am using Fanuc robot R2000iC/210F to do a bin picking application.And now I have some trouble with singularity avoidance function.

    I set the program detail to enable singularity avoidance function. It worked successfully until recent when vision worked normally and robot started to go to the approach positoin,it posted the error "SRVO-114 singularity detected " .I had to change the motion type from linear to joint to continue. But it was the first time that robot still detected the singularity after using the singularity avoidance funtion.

    Attachments are my postion before approach point(P[2]) and approach point(PR[22]). It happened when robot excuted from P[2] to PR[22].

    Anyone knows what happen?

    This will work. I have used this in the past.

    that' great!:)