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    Hi panic mode,

    Really appriciate you help.. But it seems like some og the code i missing in your last post? or maybe i just dont get it......

    It seems like there is a funktion missing for Get_Day_Name

    And just to save time:

    Log and mod what are they declared as.

    Thanks in advance ;)

    This i what i have so far.


    Thanks for the reply. Already thougt of that. But where hoping for a more simple solution.

    I just need to start coding ;)

    Had the idea that it might where possible to grasp it from windows. But thats where my programming skills gets tested:S


    Im working on a projcet where we will do some automatic updates of the KUKA program. And in that case i need to know what weekday it is to secure that the update dosent take place in the weekends and fridays.

    $date dosent work as it dont give me the weekday or week no.

    So i need a way to get ether the weekday or week no.

    Any ideas?;)



    KSS 8.3 and up.


    Story: We have a program combined with HMI that helps the operator to teach new positions.

    On the HMI they are able choose a pos that they want to teach, and then in T1 they press start and the robot moves to just above the old position.

    Now the problem start. If they want to use the mouse or buttons to move the robot into the new position instead of the custom made HMI then the robot goes back on path when start is pushed.

    My question is: Is it possible to disable the function where the robot moves back to path when moved manual when executing a program? And instead continues from its position.

    Reset program is not an option.

    KSS 8.3 and up.

    Br. Casper