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    Dear all,

    Thanky you for all support and information. I made connections between robot and laser.

    Thank you Mr. AndrewWang it was really helpful. To see how you are connect.

    you use the same laser?

    Now i need to write program and start with good welding 😁

    Best regards

    Thank you for your response Mr. panic mode i am a little in panic :) so there is topology for x44. I dont know why is slave 3. I have only laser and rotation poisoner.

    COMX RE/ECS is file from laser company. I think i have something wrong in configuration....

    I am still so basic basic ultra basic user to configure what is wrong

    best regards

    Hello all,

    im new on this forum and also new on KUKa robot. In our company we are buy separated robot KR 16 1610 with KR C4 and fiber laser IPG head. Softwer is kss 8.3

    I insert laser xml file in workvisul, also connect I/O 10 digital outputs and 10 inputs. Like is writing in IPG kuka feildbus protocol sittings. i deploy settings in kuka controller but still dont work. i get error about slave and sys 44. You can se on pictures in attachment. There must be something wrong bettwen master and slave...or about digital outputs/inputs. Mybe ip configuration?

    If someone have any solution pleas let me know.

    Thank you and best regards