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    I need to make a backup (Archive in KUKA language, I understand?) to a USB, in order to evaluate the running program.

    I found the chapter: 7.8.2 "Archiving to a USB stick" in the manual for KUKA System Software 8.2 (page 231), and it seems pretty straight forward.

    My question is, am I able to create an Archive, while the robot is running in production? The cell is running 24/7 at the moment, so I am not able to pause the operation.

    I will not be loading anything into the controller, only copying the programs to USB.

    Thank you in advance.

    I managed to save my TOOL, UFRAME, IFPANEL and VAR from an old backup, by opening the zip-file and extracting the VRC.BIN.

    I could then create a new cell in MotoSim, and restore from VRC.BIN.

    By copying the *.mdl files from the corrupted cell, I didn't have to create all objects either.

    Not ideal, but still better than starting from scratch.

    I got an error on the PP, when I tried to save a job with the JobPad.

    I did'nt catch a screenshot, but it said something with "System [JOB]"

    After MotoSim crashed, I tried to load my save, but all of a sudden my GP12 is misplaced, and "split apart" in the CAD-tree.

    The PP hangs on boot, and everything seems broken.

    I went to Options -> Backup, and tried to Restore one of the backups. This results in an instant shutdown of the software - i.e. no error messsage, doesnt hang. Just closes the software.

    Any suggestions? If the project file is corrupted, is there a way to pull out the Userframe, Tool and Job-files - everything else is quick to reproduce.