Posts by Falgun Vasava

    Thanks a lot 95devils

    i am not using any Anybus product.

    I have directly installed a Siemens Profibus Card CP5612 on the PCI slot of DX100 Controller.

    I have no idea how to proceed further. Is it possible to do communication between S7-300 PLC and yaskawa DX100 robot controller using CP5611 profibus card?

    If yes than i need some help.

    Hi Everyone

    I have old MH50 robot with DX100 Controller.

    I want to communicate the robot with S7-300 as profibus master.

    I tried mounting simatic CP5611 profibus card in the PCI slot.

    It detects and displays in options boards but does not show any configuration.

    Has any one tried this?

    Please guide if this is the right way.

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