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    I wonder… are you also having a Collision Detect? A collision detection on any axis in the Group will put the robot into freefall for a very short time. The Move Motion Excess could be an attendant alarm resulting from a collision detect. If it happens again, go to the Alarm window and see if there is a collision.

    I didn't see a collision detect on there, so I don't believe that's the case, but that's a good point.

    I've had this before and just had to change a couple points because the robot is on the edge of glory

    I came in thinking I would need to do this, or at least slow it down, but it's been running for other parts of the family without fail. I think it's a new variable.

    I'd also advise to check the motor and reducer - few times I had such error and the motor was broken.

    Jeez, I hope this isn't happening. I think there may have been a fluctuation in the voltage coming into the cell, and it may have dropped twice. It's been running without incident since, so I'm just hoping that's it. I'll have our facilities team check into that.

    Thanks everyone, great tips!

    Hey all. An operator came up with this error last night. It came up twice while the program ran about 30 times. To my understanding, I believe it's telling me that it couldn't match the programmed speed. If that's the case though, would it happen every time the program is run? Maybe I'm misinterpreting the error?

    Yes, I'm thinking it's a UI trigger. After looking thoroughly at the teach pendant, I saw where a couple of system errors were active. One said action not performed and the other was program not selected. It seems a scheduled maintenance action was not performed. Going to check it out. Thank you!