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    Hi Everyone,

    By any chance does anyone happen to know if there are any compatibility issues with (same model, article number) motherboard from a KRC4 compact model?

    The original motherboard failed, somehow it shorted and some components burnt, so we tried to replace with an identical board from a spare KRC4 controller but system is not booting.

    The server doesn't initialize because there are some discrepancies with the drivers.


    We have a sunrise cabinet with Sunrise OS v1.14 the original version of the cabinet (we have also tried with sunrise OS v.17)

    article number: 11055821

    year: 2018

    motherboard model D3445-k11 GS 1

    motherboard article number 00271601

    Is there anyway to integrate a KRC4 standard motherboard into our IIWA controller setup? I'm curious if by any chance anyone happens to have any USB recovery tools to reconfigure the motherboard or specialized files containing the necessary drivers for firmware modification and virtual network setup.

    Thank you everyone for your help, have a nice day!

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