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    Soo Far i use the Karel to initiate a config var like in the manual, but I didin't find how to push it on a XYZWPR var.

    I think i will be in obligation to translate into a position data type to use it.


    config_var1, config_var2: CONFIG

    pos_var: POSITION

    seam_path: PATH

    i: INTEGER


    config_var1 = pos_var.config_data

    config_var1 = config_var2

    config_var1.cfg_turn_no1 = 0

    IF pos_var.config_data.cfg_flip THEN...

    FOR i = 1 TO PATH_LEN(seam_path) DO

    seam_path[i].node_pos.config_data = config_var1


    In hope it will help you.