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    For example: config.dat



    DEF  SPS ( )
      ; Please insert user defined declarations
      BOOL bExt
      ; Please insert user defined initialization commands
      bExt = FALSE

    ABB IRB 4600 with RW 6.13.

    The system is prepared to control a 7th axis. But it is no longer needed and should be removed from the system.

    Actually no problem.

    Remove the drive unit in the installation manager and you are done. The drive unit is also no longer displayed under Configuration Motion.

    However, it is still present in the Motion Planner and reports an overheated motor.

    Removed the axis from the moc, loaded moc and restarted. And it is still in the Motion Planner.

    Hardware completely disconnected. Created a new system. Nothing changes. :astonished_face:

    Has anything changed in the newer RW states?

    The robot guides a plasma cutter. This is ignited with high frequency. As far as I can tell, everything is cleanly shielded.

    What seems strange to me, but I have no idea where it could come from, is that a resistance of about 2 ohms is measurable on the table on which the cutting is done. But there should be no current at all. Perhaps it is due to incorrect earthing.

    Unfortunately, I can't say too much about it at the moment. I got the information from the machine manufacturer who quit due to illness. According to him, it was always this board. I was able to have a brief look at the robot itself on Friday. However, it was switched off. I have only received a few photos so far.

    Robot RA010LA. Defective 1HA board has been replaced. After 20 minutes in teach mode, the new board was defective again. and was replaced again. Same phenomenon again. Kawasaki then replaced the power block. After that, the error reappeared after a few minutes without the robot being moved. Does anyone know this phenomenon and could possibly help me?

    Thanks in advance


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