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    Hello Dear Forum,

    my situation is as follows: Our measurement software offers to be used as Profinet Device as well as in an EthernetIP configuration.

    The GSDML for PN was created while I was already in the company, therefore I have this file.
    However, the last time we commissioned EthernetIP was before my time at the company and the person who did it has left.

    The only remnant is our device in the DTM-Catalogue of our test-robot.

    So my question is: can I export this file and send it to the customer somehow?

    In addition I have a followup question: Is it even neccessary? The last time I mendled with EthernetIP was on ABB and that robot didn't need anything resembling such a file. I also can't find the option to import a device description for EthernetIP in WoV, so I have a slight doubt that Ethernet even uses Devicedescription files.

    As I said, my main experience lays with PN therefore I'm hoping one of you could shed a little light on my situation.

    Best Regards

    Ok thanks for that, I can use that as long as my original base = robot base (0,0,0,0,0,0)

    But I imagine that our customer (who uses the method I described above on KRC) will have an issue with that solution.

    The next issue I have is that I either need to save the delta values globaly or the camera needs to keep the inputs until the program is done since I use application blocks with one routine. I don't know if a variable loses its value after the routine exits.

    If neccessary I can provide the code and screenshot of the program flow, even though I'd like to keep them for myself as I'm not 100% sure if the code is to be handled as confidential.

    (and I apologize for bad technical english since I'm a born german and yes, I'm quite new to LBR. My main experience comes from KRC)


    I have a question and couldn't realy find that topic via the search function (maybe I just overlooked it, in that case, please redirect me)

    I need a program that changes the value of a baseframe, depending on the inputs I get from my camera.

    The basic idea is that I save the coordinates of my baseframe into a temporary frame, change and use the baseframe, and afterwards restore it from said temporary frame.

    I already set up everything with motionframes as childframes etc.


    The main issue is, that we are using applicationblocks and I can't realy permanently save these frames.

    Now, I only know how to access the frames in a read-only manner (by using the getApplicationData().getFrame("/xxxyyyzzz") function.

    If one of you guys could just tell me how to access a frame in a read-write fashion, I would be thankfull beyond imagination

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day

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