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    Thank you for your example @TitusLepic, we did something similar and it's functioning perfectly.

    @HawkME , Actually its for a palletizing program, and I wanted to have only one program and one set of points for 2 mirrored layers, and then use offsets and config to do *mirror* movements in the mirrored layer.

    With linear moves I had to much turns for some drops. (seems to always turn the same direction when its from a 180)
    I tested the MROT quickly, but as i have 3 drops per pick with different orientations (i.e. J6 = 0, 90, 180), the faster way to return is sometime a +180 = 360 instead of a -180 = 0(same as linear ??), and that is why I don't think I can use it here.
    What do you think about it ?

    Thanks for your answer !

    I have the option, but i've never used it.
    Could you give me an example ? (I'll read a little bit about the karel after)

    Edit: I didn't want to use Karel, but if i am going to, could you add the way to also edit the NUT000 into a NUT001 and vice versa in karel ?

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