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    Did you tried to read AlarmSubcode. It might give you a way to interpret what is wrong. Refer to your RC Maintanence manual, section Alarm Layout. From alarm layout:

    1: Alarm code You have 4404
    2: Alarm data Additional value
    3: Alarm type Hint how to interpret value
    6: Sub code data additional
    information character strings
    7:Sub code data character strings

    As far as AlarmData is concerned, there are multiple options. To give you just some :

    0 : No alarm

    1 : Decimal UNSIGNED SHORT type

    (display example: [1])

    2 : UNSIGNED CHAR bit pattern

    (display example: [0000_0001])

    3 : User axis type (display example: [SLURBT])

    4 : Spacial coordinate type (display example: [XYZ])

    5 : Robot coordinate type

    (display example: [XYZRxRyRz])

    6 : Conveyor characteristic file (display example: [123])

    8 : Control group type

    (display example: [R1R2S1S2])

    robot & station

    9 : Decimal SHORT type (display example: [-1])

    10 : UNSIGNED SHORT bit pattern

    (display example: [0000_0000_0000_0001])

    11 : Control group type (display example: [R1])

    for robot only

    12 : Control group type (display example:[R1S1B1])

    for robot, station and base

    20 : Control group LOW/HIGH logical axis

    (display example: [R1:LOW SLURBT, HIGH


    21 : Control group MIN/MAX logical axis

    (display example: [R1: MIN SLURBT, MAX


    22 : Control group MIN/MAX spacial coordinate

    (display example: [R1: MIN XYZ, MAX XYZ])

    23 : Logical axis of both control group 1 and control

    group 2

    (display example: [R1: SLURBT, R2: SLURBT])

    24 : Logical axis 1 and 2 of the control group

    (display example: [R1: SLURBT, SLURBT])

    25 : Logical axis of the control group and UNSIGNED

    CHAR type

    (display example: [R1: SLURBT, 1])

    27 : Control group and UNSIGNED CHAR type

    (display example: [R1: 1])

    Regards , mg