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    Hello Kyjanond,

    I'm sorry to tell you that I don't have documentation for the robot you want to adapt.

    However, I have seen that the base connector is the same on both VSG and VPG robots.

    If you have already managed to select the type of robot in the controller and have also placed the appropriate IPM boards, why do you want to change the wiring of the CN22?

    The best thing would be to have both robots to check the correspondence of resistances and continuity in each of the pins of both robots. Is that possible?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think nothing needs to be changed; Simply connect the robot to the controller and try.

    All the best.

    Hello Rizki

    I've had a few problems that are probably like yours, but I'm not sure.

    In order to help you with that I need more information.

    Please, can you send a picture of the display of the teach pendant?

    On the other hand, when the controller freezes, does it let you continue with other tasks or do all the buttons and functions become unresponsive?

    With the controller locked, can you access other features?

    I need more details.

    I await your news.

    All the best.

    Hello everyone

    I open this thread to ask for help.

    I have lost my RC5 controller ROM for the VS-6556-GM robot.

    I've managed to load another version in the controller, but I can't select the proper handler.

    I think the MAIN SOFTWARE version is 1.9981, and the SUB SOFTWARE version is 2.93B.

    Actually, I think any version of RC5 could be used for VS or VM series robots.

    Would someone be so kind as to send me a full backup of one of these drivers?

    Logically I don't need the programs, just the ROM and the different corresponding modules such as the servo, communications, etc.

    Thank you for your attention and best regards.

    Hi RustyRad

    I just read your message.

    Did you manage to start the robot?

    Resetting the controller power connections would be no problem. I can help you.

    Instead, to restore the connection of motors and encoders, I would need you to post the photos with the connector types of the controller and the robot. A detailed photo of the end of the wire that is cut off would also help.

    I have some cables here for the RC7, but they are for robots older than yours and the keyer connector is round, like the ones used by RC5 controllers.

    In the manuals that are published I have not been able to find the pins of these cables.

    I think if someone has another robot just like yours maybe you could make it easier to match the pins for the controller and robot connectors.

    Anyway, if you post the photos and can expand the information you need, I will try to help you by looking more thoroughly at the documentation I have here.

    All the best.

    hello again Holla DaFatFairy

    Have you managed to advance your project?

    You may no longer need help, but I would like to send you attached the pdf files of the parts list of your robot and a catalog of Panasonic A6 Series servomotors, which are the ones used by that arm.

    In that catalog you will find the features you are looking for.

    If the project gets too difficult maybe I could offer you at a good price an RC7 controller with the cable that robot needs and a teach pendant or a mini teach pendant to be able to operate the arm.

    If you need more information, do not hesitate to post your questions on the forum and I will try to answer them.

    I have a complete unit of your robot here and we can make any necessary checks.

    All the best

    Hello Gameshadows

    I just saw your post (I haven't been on the forum for a few months)

    Have you been able to solve your problem?

    If you still need help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    I understand Robodoc's opinion, but I don't agree that these robots are "dead".

    I think there are still some in good condition that, although it is true that they no longer have an industrial use, there are still some units in good condition with an educational use.

    If you still haven't solved the problem, please contact me and send me some picture of what is happening to the robot.

    I have one in very good condition and more or less the same thing happened to me as to you.

    Finally, please excuse my poor English. I'm a certain age and I don't know enough of their language to have a conversation like this.

    I am writing to you from Spain and I send you my regards.


    First lock the driver with the Lock key and then try to compile all programs again.

    Then try starting the engines.

    If the error persists, go to ErrLog (F6->F2->F1) and check the recent list of errors to see what is actually happening to the controller.

    A greeting and good luck.


    You actually have a Denso RC5 controller, even though the brand is a Yaskawa.

    All parts and accessories are interchangeable, including the learning console.

    To make your robot work you need to prepare a box like the one in the picture.

    The box has an emergency stop button with TWO independent contactors (but activated at the same time by that same button) in a normally closed state (when you press the red button each of the two circuits is open and the robot stops) and a key switch to activate between manual mode or automatic mode of the robot. The green button is inactive.

    The red button is used to short-circuit the emergency stops of the controller.

    These contacts are on the 64-pin CN10 connector, and for this you will need a suitable connector (I buy them from Misumi America, htpps:\\ although you can also buy them on Ebay, They are easy to find .

    Seen the connector from the side of the cables (from where you must solder the cables of the emergency stop button) you must make the installation to be able to short (connect one pin with the other) through the contactors of the box the following pins: 63-64 (third pin of the third row from the right with third pin of the fourth row from the right) and 65-66 (second pin of the third row from the right with the second pin of the fourth row from the right). the right).

    You will also need a male DB9 connector for the CN7 I/O Power Source connector.

    Seen from the side of the cables, you must make a jumper between the pins as you can see in the photos.

    If all went well, this will enable you to activate the motors, but you will not be able to run any programs in automatic momo.

    To be able to select between manual or automatic mode you need a third 50-pin connector for connector CN8 of the controller.

    This connector is the same type as the previous 68-pin connector, but naturally shorter.

    With the key switch you must short-circuit pins 3 and 4 of the connector (seen from the cable side) which are the second pin of the first row from the left and the second pin of the second row from the left) .

    When you connect both pins the controller goes into auto mode, and when you unplug them (opens the circuit) the controller goes into manual or learn mode (as you choose).

    If after trying it you can't get it to work properly, don't hesitate to contact me again.

    I have a robot just like yours and if you need it I could sell you a mini-teach pendant in good condition.

    Lastly, please excuse my English. It is a Google translation because I am writing to you from Spain and I do not speak your language.

    A greeting and good luck.

    Hello Bender1

    It's a bit late and maybe you have already solved the problem, but if the driver still doesn't work, but you can connect the PC with Wincaps, I suggest (although I imagine you have already done it) that you first make a copy of full driver security.

    Then you could try to make a new project on the pc (with new parameters included) and try to load them into the controller to see how it responds.

    If this doesn't work, you may need to reload the system files.

    I have here an RC5 (RJC from Yaskawa) and in two weeks I will have another original RC5 from Denso with its recovery discs, but I don't know if they will correspond to your robot.

    If you think that with those files you can fix the problem, or if I can do something else to help, you just have to contact me.

    A greeting and good luck.

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