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    I am trying to backup a Fanuc robot but I keep getting this error when I plug my flash drive in it, I have tried to format it with different file systems, like FAT32 and FAT but both gave this error. I am formatting it through the windows utility (right click format), I reduced the size of the drive down to 4GB to be able to get the FAT option, but I still get the same error.

    What is the correct way to format the drive to be able to use it on my robot?

    I have checked the error code here and the 60 means:

    60 -- No signature found in BPB (need to format).

    How do I solve this issue?

    Also, can I do a System backup while the robot is working, or I need to wait for it to finish? (I've always tried to do it when the robot is not working so far)

    I would recommend using an offset position register for this. That way you are not modifying your original pick location, and thus, no need to restore it.

    : PR[100]=LPOS ; --Cartesion rep.
    : PR[100]=PR[100]-PR[100] ; --Zero the PR.
    : FOR R[7:XCount] = 1 TO 5 ;
    : PR[100,1]=R[7:XCount] * R[1:dX] ; --Set the X distance ;
    : L PR[30:ApproachPoint] 100mm/sec FINE Offset,PR[100:Offset]    ;
    : L PR[31:PickupPoint] 100mm/sec FINE Offset,PR[100:Offset]    ;
    : L PR[32:RetrievePoint] 100mm/sec FINE Offset,PR[100:Offset]    ;
    : ENDFOR ;

    For expanding this to Y and Z, you would just need additional FOR loops.


    I see, so basicly I will use one additional register in this case PR[100] which will have all of the offsets kept in it and through the offset option it will move the robot to the correct spot, but not change the original points 30, 31, 32, so I only need to recalculate X,Y,Z for PR[100], do I understand this correctly?

    Hey guys, I am trying to do palletizing with for loops and I am using R and PR for my positions and offsets and here is how I implemented it (for simplicity, I will use only X)

    The robot moves as expected, but as you can see at the end of the program, I am restoring the original X coordinate by recalculating its value, because if I don't and I play the program again the robot will nto start from the first point, but it will start from where it stopped, the original PR is lost.

    So my question is, is there a better way to do this?

    What if I add Y and Z, then I will have 9 additional rows to recalculate the original position, is there a way to do X Y Z offset calculation on a single row?

    What if I have more than 3 points, things will quickly get out of hand, how do I approach this issue?

    All the local [P] points you have taught use tool 1, therefore they need tool 1 to run. You have three options:

    -Use Position Register [PR] global, if multiple tools share common position like home or pounce

    -Tool shift utility function, this will convert taught [P] positions to tool 4. You have the option of keeping the tool in the same orientation (likely what you want if you have updated your TCP) or keeping the robot arm in the same orientation (if you were teaching to a bad TCP)

    -Update the frame data for tool 1

    So, If I understand correctly, it would have worked if I used PR instead of specific to the program P points?

    Also, where do I find this Tool shift utility?


    Hello, I have recently started to deal with TP Programming and Fanuc robots and I have trouble changing tool but making it work on the same trajectory that I got another tool working on.

    I saw in another thread that I should add UTOOL_NUM = X; in the beginning of my program, where X is the tool frame of the new tool, but that did not work (altho I can see it changing the tool after this line to the correct tool), its still giving me the same errors.

    I have created the program with Tool Frame 1, the new tool is under Tool Frame 4, I have taught the new tool using the three point method and I can see the green sphere at the tip of the tool (I am doing this in Roboguide)

    The errors that I get are INTP-251 Invalid tool number and INTP-253 Tool frame number mismatch