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    Hi Nation, there is no option to add link to my fixtures as in your picture:

    Can you please add more details about the process, I am really struggling to figure out how exactly these things are done in roboguide, pretend that you are explaining it to someone who does it (motion) for the first time in Roboguide.

    Make the table a "Machine", add servo. "Machines" can have simulated motion. You can then command motion and even use DO to control it. You might make it a conveyor type if you need it to spin continuously.

    Thanks, I already did that, I cant figure out how to handle the motion part, please look at the screenshot of my first post.

    I also managed to get it moving with DO but it just moves back and forth, i cant figure out the correct settings.

    Hey guys, so I am trying to make a simulation in roboguide where I have two conveyors moving, one is rotary, the other is linear, basicly I am trying to recreate the setup from the Scara iRvision video from Fanuc:

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    Here is my current project:

    However, I can't figure out how to make the table rotate, I know that I need to add servo somehow, but I can't figure it out. I tried selecting the robot on the Group menu, and the table rotates, but it rotates in tandem with J1 of the robot, so it just moves back and forth, which is not what I want.

    One of my robots is placing a part on top of a rod, but its a long rod, it only needs to be careful towards the end of the movement, how can I use the ACC option to make it decelerate slower and overtime? I tried using ACC10 and it works, but it also accelerates slower.

    6:L P[11:Inside rod] R[81:Medium mm/sec]mm/sec FINE ACC10

    Same goes for the opposite, how can I make it accelerate slower, but keep the deceleration to the default one?

    Thanks, I did not know about the Prog Adj function, would that adjust every single point in the program, both Ps and PRs? If yes, then if I apply it to multiple programs that use the same PRs, they would get shifted multiple times, correct?

    I too thought about the offset PR command, but that would pollute the whole code, but I may end up doing it, the frames idea seems like the cleanest option and I may do that! That way, I will just need to adjust 3 frames, which would take 15 seconds! Thanks!

    So I am dealing with a maintenance issue where I have to regularly adjust the pickup points and loading points into the machines that the robot is loading, because the parts that are coming from production and need to be loaded onto the machines are sometimes of different heights, so it is common that I have to readjust many of the points.

    Right now I am rewriting everything from scratch, because I want to add more functionality into my programs and this is one of the features that I want to add, but what is the best way to go about it?

    Should I make a program that will recalculate all points and work only with PRs (so that I can easily update all points used in different programs)?

    Should I add a parasite variable to offset all of the points? Parasite, because it will be everywhere.

    Any other ways or functionalities of the TP language that I am not aware of?

    MotionPro should be able to record individual joint positions and export them as a .csv. I've only ever used it on real robots though, but I see no reason on why it couldn't be hooked up to a virtual robot. It is a separate license though.

    Regarding another TCP, no way to do that, but would the tool trace work? It draws the tooling CAD at every point. Maybe replacing your tooling CAD with different colored small spheres at each point you want to monitor would work. DCS trace would be an option as well, placing small spheres (points in DCS) where you need them, but it would be harder to track what is what, since everything is green. The CAD replacement idea would only work for tooling cad attached to J6, but the DCS idea would work for points attached to any part of the robot.

    Final question, why do you need to do this?

    I will try your suggestions and see if it works.

    Exporting the joint angles w respect to time and being able to plot them will show me if any joint is reaching its limits or staying near its limits that will help me compare different trajectories and it can potentially help me optimize the movements of the robot.

    I am new at this and Fanuc robots are being integrated at the place that I work, currently we have one R2000ic/210-f with a few more on the way. The way that the integrators programmed the robot is not optimal at all and it does some funky moves (rotates J6 one full rotation before taking an object from the floor, this is because it is not setup in a way that allows it to change its configuration it starts from NUT 00-1 and goes to NUT 000, when I change it to NUT 000 to FUT 000 it fixes that rotation), it even pulled apart its cables on the 3rd month (at which point I just came in), so it needs to be optimized. Since I am still new at this and at the company, I want to show them all the details that I can (and see them for myself) about the possible improvements (not just the trajectory of the TCP but also how the robot moves related to it) that I may do and be extra confident in my decisions before applying them. If you have any better ideas about how I can achieve this, I am open to any suggestions.

    Hi HawkME, thank you, I found the option and enabled it, but I cant find a Monitor option in the menu, how exactly do I monitor it? Is the data "extractable" in a way so that I can plot it?

    I want to track one additional point on the robot end effector to be able to demonstrate how it changes its configuration during a motion, currently the only stack trace that is showed is the one of the tool center point and its trajectory, I want to add a second relative point that will be able to show how it changes its configuration, how can I do that, is it even possible?

    Or a way to add trajectory for how each of the joints move? Or a way to extract the joint angles during the motion in a csv or something so that I can plot it?

    I know you can do an AOA backup while the robot is working but IMAGE requires you to cycle power so that's a given haha. As for the rest I've read that Fanuc doesn't like larger capacity memory sticks. I use a 2GB for all of mine and have never had an issue with formatting. One thing I can think of is after you go to the memory file screen did you hit F5 UTIL to set the device? You must set to the correct USB port before you can backup which brings me to another idea, are you using the USB drive on the cabinet or on the TP? It's much quicker when you run through the Cabinet port which is UD1. Hope some of this is useful to you.

    Hi, thank you for the suggestions, I did try both through UT1 and UD1 neither were working, it worked after I formatted it through the robot while plugged in to the cabinet, now it works at its full capacity of 32GB and the robot has no problems with the drive :)

    is it possible to have two points with different configurations, I have points for which the robot needs to be in different configuration, at one point it needs to be Flipped other needs to be Notflipped, the robot works without changing the configuraiton, but it does some funky moves in order to keep its configuration, and if it is allowed to go from N to F the movement would be much easier on the robot. So is there a way to have P[1] with configuration NUT and P[2] to be FUT?

    The robot is working fine, no abnormalities, I did think about copying them and then renaming them, or I can just rename them to a file name that will put them at the end of the list and the backup still fails but I get all the other files.

    I did copy them to my flash drive and on Windows I cant do anything with these files, I cant open them, I cant rename them, when I try to open them with notepad it says the file doesnt exist

    Same thing if I try to rename it

    Is there a way to check if any program has any relations to these files?

    I am trying to backup our robot, but the backup always fails around the 180th file, so I checked the memory and saw two files named Oj@e* the illegal character is the star at the end, these files are under numbers 183 and 184, the robot gives the error FILE-031 Illegal path name - path name contains an illegal characters

    How do I figure out if these files are important to the robot, and if I can rename/delete them so that I can back it up?

    Could they be there on purpose from the company that installed the robot to prevent us from doing something?

    The files have .VA and .VR extensions, I have copied them to my flash drive using a different name and I cant even open them on my PC, Windows complains that they dont exist, I cant even rename them.

    Additionally it seems to me that every .VR file that the robot has, also has a .VA counterpart, as far as I understood, .VR files contain data about registers and position registers, and .VA are counterparts that are created when a backup is initiated and these are the ASCII versions of the same files, that can be read on a PC, if that is true, does that mean that while I was attempting to back it up, maybe there was a time when I selected the wrong device as output for the backup and it generated them in its own folder? Should I delete the .VA files or this is normal?