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    Hi Matt, thanks for your reply. I Have the TPSi and i've managed to use the fronius wire with smartac.

    my problem was that, due to a robotstudio bug or something, i couldn't insert an empty value for a signal i have no idea on what it was for, when modifying the configuration.

    So i've created a new one and in this case i can create the smartac signal with only the available input and output

    Hi everyone!

    i'm trying to configure Smartac to use with the fronius touchsense instead of using the torch for touch sensing.

    I've modified my inputs in order to use the Fronius I/O like stated in the manual at page 20 but, even if i've changed to map my inputs i get an error that says that Smartac can't be activated

    Does anyone have configured smartac with fronius touchsense can send me some hints ?


    Hi everyone.

    i'm studying how to get this task done.

    I have a cylinder with a wing welded on one sid. This creates a v between the cylinder and the wing. I have to fill that V using my robot.

    i could use the multipass to fill it but the issue here is that the base point for my robot is not always the same, because when this piece was build they already welded it with a variable weld height.

    I've found that with the weldguide there's a special function called adaptive filling, but as the manual is not very clear about using ArcAdaptStart. Does anyone have any clear explaination on how this function works ?

    This is a sketch of my piece, i should fill up to the angle of the wing, but having a different start point.

    Hi everyone.

    Yesterday i was doing a backup of one of my systems and suddendly it had an exception. Now if i connect to the controller inside home there's a folder called 01_10_2019 inside that folder there's a folder called HOME that contains a folder called 01_10_2019 recursively... after like a 40 clicks i get 4 files. All these path deepness makes the controller unbackupable with a path too long error, so i tried to delete that files but i get an error wich says : Non existing files or permission denied.

    Tried to restore a backup but, even if the restore worked ( i've checked with my rapid programs that were reverted to previous version) those files are still there.

    Is there a way to remove that files in some way ?

    Here's attached a screenshot of what i see

    Hi everyone and thanks all for the replies.

    My controller is a IRC5 with already installed I/O cards, so my first tought was to replace the buttons with two of those and make the robot move the external axis when required, forward and back.

    The next step i'd like to achieve is to add the ability to move this external track ( which is 11 meters long) a variable distance ( ex. go to 1.28 meters ).

    My doubts now are:

    Supposed that the track is commanded by a plc and a encoder how can i output something from my controller that says : hey, move 1280 mm left.

    I tought to add a analog output to my controller and use the 4-20 mA output, but i'm not a big fan of this.

    Other option is use time and, in rapid, set the digital output to 1 for the required time, and with this solution the motor controller would be simplier

    Thanks all for the ideas

    Hi everyone.

    I'm a software engineer so robotics is not my field, but as i'm the guy that uses the pc, they asked to me to improve their working system.

    In my new working company, we have 4 irb4600 robots. One of this robots is installed on a home made track ( they wanted to build something like the irbt 2005 ).

    At the moment the track is moved with two buttons by the user, one moving track front and one back.

    Rapid is programmed to wait until the operator moves the track in the next position and push a button.

    Now they asked to me to investigate if the track can be modified in order to be piloted by the controller using the I/O system but i have no deep knowledge of the controller.

    If you should achieve this and modify the already existing track, what would you do ?

    Thanks in advance

    p.s. i've already tried to throw away the track and buy the official one but reply was a big big big no :(;(