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    We own a iiwa_14_820 that for uknown reason wont start our demo program, see attached picture of the error code I get. I have little to noone knowledge/experience with Kuka robots/sunrise.

    It worked fine last week, charged it up and shut it down. Now when we tried to start it for a demo it refuses.

    Everything except this program seems to be working as intended.

    Hopefully its just something simple we did while operating the robot last week.

    Any tips will be appriciated :smiling_face:


    Im having trouble with a CR-35iA unit. It's a robot that is used in a R&D enviroment it has not been used a lot at all.

    Background: Im new in this workplace and took over this problem from a former co-worker. The trouble started after he changed the batteries of the Unit. After changing the batteries he got an "SRVO-491 Collabrative Stroke limit" error. Fanuc's response were that we might have lost mastering data. The co-worker tried doing a mastering, which seems to not have been done properly.

    Todays status:

    1) Mastering: I am in dialog with FANUC support and set the $MASTER_COUN values back to factory setting. As you can see in my attachment the physical robot position and 4D does not match at all.

    2) SRVO-482 Robot is moved in stop check: This error appears after a short time jogging. When this happens, the robot is not willing to move any axis. Fanuc support has yet to give me an explanation of this error.

    I find it difficult to think that there is any damage to an encoder or the robot in general. I do think this is a software issue. But stranger things have happened, so I might be wrong.

    So any advice is appreciated. I dont have a lot of experience with robotics, so be specific :smiling_face:

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