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    Hi all,

    It is sorted. The string from camera needed to start with bracket at the beginning, separating coordinates with comma and ends with closing bracket.

    Hi all,

    I am currently working on UR5 CB3 robot and my target is to 2d pick random placed parts on a table.

    The camera is generation 1 cognex is7200-11 running on 3001, the robot is running on, external IO modbus is on and laptop on all going in to 5 ports switch. I have downloaded the “universal script” and tried to adjust it, but I am having issues with receiving the data (my program is just looping in section where is trying to read the string from camera).


    (my program is exactly same apart from IP address, port.)

    I used “socket test” program on my laptop to see what data is coming from camera ( all correct: X,Y and angle).

    Can anyone give me advice or point me right direction please?