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    So, I managed to get the orange bugger to work like i want it to. I'd like to share with my solution for anyone having similar problems:

    It actually is possible to work only with text and fix the inline forms correctly, preventing them from messing up the file if an operator wants to touch up your point. I wasn't quite sure if it would be a sustainable solution, since Kuka's file format still seems a little bit weird to me.

    1. Taught base #1 and base#2 (welding tables)
    1. Used the old program taught in #nullframe - transfered to base#1.

    2. Transfered the programs to base#2 and translated among the base#2 -tables were not completely aligned.

    3. Deleted the S&T Values, which prevented robot from executing the program in base#2.

    4. Fixed welding process points to match the application.

    Tools used: Winmerge, Find and Replace, Orangeedit. The welding process still needs a few fixes, but that is mostly due to mechanical work. Thank you guys for helping!


    anything after semicolon is ignored by robot. it means soemthing to editor but in operation it means nothing. this applies to FOLD/ENFOLD lines as well.

    does this mean that in the code below only $BWDSTRT=FAlSE to PTP XP510 are valid so i can just skip Base[0] change and tinker with .dat file?

    ;FOLD PTP P510 Vel=100 % PDAT360 Tool[1]:ABIROB_W300_45 Base[0];%{PE}%R 8.3.44,%MKUKATPBASIS,%CMOVE,%VPTP,%P 1:PTP, 2:P510, 3:, 5:100, 7:PDAT360
    PTP XP510 

    Also, there has to be a way to fix this. If it won't be possible then i will just save the points in an array and maybe transfer it to external offline software and just generate the code back again without ILF's.

    Thank you for the answers.

    panic mode I completely agree - programs were not done by me, presumably someone without any robot experience. It gives me a headache just thinking how much time they have spent on working with teachpendant. I'm still deciding if i want to fix their mess. I am pretty sure i will need to use your method with the script usage.

    massula The problem is that the person who programmed the robot initially used a couple hundred movements in one routine. Changing it by hand is completely pointless. I guess I will try Panic's method. I kind of find KUKA's target system a little bit fuzzy, however i've heard once you get the hang of it you're set.

    You're right Skooter, however here it wasn't the case. I've tried multiple cards that have worked with other R-J3iB. I'm led to believe that this particular controller is not really standard. I've also looked into R-J3iB variables and some of them don't really match with present on this one :smiling_face:

    Hello everyone!

    KR 8 R1420 arc HW
    KRC4 compact

    Firmware version 8.3.35


    TechPacks=ArcTechBasic|BoardPackage|Profinet KRC-Nexxt|



    Profinet KRC-Nexxt=3.2.4

    So, I've been asked to move the existing welding program to another welding table. The issues with previous commissioning are:

    1) All the movements are PTP, with exception of welding commands

    2) Everything is done with inline forms

    3) The only base used is nullframe, base 0

    Small code sample before my works:

    ;FOLD PTP P315 Vel=100 % PDAT212 Tool[1]:ABIROB_W300_45 Base[0];%{PE}%R 8.3.44,%MKUKATPBASIS,%CMOVE,%VPTP,%P 1:PTP, 2:P315, 3:, 5:100, 7:PDAT212
    PTP XP315 

    What I've done to fix the problem:

    1) Defined new base #1 - Table and used Orange edit option - Position transformation. It seems like the values have been changed properly.

    2) Used Orange edit Block Edit option to change all inline movement commands to base #1 (this didn't work on Welding folds ARCON/ARCOFF.

    3. Cleaned up the .dat file of unnecessary data.

    What my questions are:

    1) I am not able to change ARCON/ARCOFF inline commands to use base #1 using the OrangeEdit Block Edit. If they reference FDAT_ACT = FP1105 in fold structure is it enough to change DECL FDAT FP1105 BASE_NO to 1?


    2) Is typing over inline form enough? Example:

    ARCON WDAT771 (1) PTP P1105 Vel=100 % PDAT737 Tool[1]:ABIROB_W300_45 Base[0] => ARCON WDAT771 (1) PTP P1105 Vel=100 % PDAT737 Tool[1]:ABIROB_W300_45 Base[1]

    I remember the first time i worked with KUKA i had some issues with it.

    3) After the changes the points should be defined in base #1, instead of #0 and the inline commands should go straight to the same positions. After that i could use the prepared program to use base #2 which would be another table after definition. Is my thought process correct?

    Everything would be easy without Inline forms. Please excuse me if some of my questions are stupid, I'm fairly new to KUKA - worked with FANUC and ABB mostly. FANUC utilities would do wonders here :smiling_face:

    Hi everyone!

    We have an older Fanuc Robot Controller R-J3iB. I'm trying to access the files through the PCMCIA->CF and it seems like it doesn't want to work. I am getting a message "MC Card Inserted", however during SET DEVICE -> MC i'm getting a "Device not formatted error". I tried formatting it through the controller, but it wont let me select MC to format.

    -Card size 128mb and 256 mb (i have two cards)

    -CF cards work fime

    -FAT16 format

    -Also tried resizing the 128 mb card to 32 mb, no luck

    Any help is greatly appreciated :smiling_face:

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