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    Sorry for the late answer.


    With FINE i got the same result, the robot only reaches half of the programmed speed.

    Then I checked these 2 variables:


    $MCR_GRP[1]\$PRGOVERRIDE: 100.00


    I made the cell in RG (befores the robot arrived), then I serialized the robot with real one, but later we had to upload an image in the robot and serialized again.

    I created a new cell, and tried again the program and it works fine...robot reaches the programmed speed.

    Something I have observed is:

    In the crashed cell when I see the Profiler, there is an option: "Tool Posture" and in the new cell it doesnt appear. Maybe I marked some option and it causes this strange view of tcp speed.


    I set the Override in the program to 100%.

    In the Menu\Setup\Ovrd. Select is DISABLE.

    (Also, when i press "CycleSTart" and the program starts, in the quick bar at the bottom i see the Gen Override at 100%)

    The motion segment to analize is from P[2] to P[3]: 1000 mm.


    I'm working on a welding simulation and the customer wants to know which speed the robot maintains during the trajectory.

    First I made a complex trajectory as the weld part needs, and then I analyzed it with the profiler.
    I observe that the robot is not capable of maintaining the speed, even if it is very low.

    Then i made a simple trayectory: 1 meter in a straight line to analize with the profiler. And the robot can't even keep the speed.

    For example: if I programm the lineal points with 50 mm/sec CNT 100 ACC 100, when i see the profiler... the robot reaches only 25 mm/sec

    I don't understand why the robot reduces the speed during the trajectory.


    ROBOGUIDE - Version 9 (Rev T)



    H552 HandlingTool

    H521 English Dictionary

    R806 ADV-CP Path Ctrl

    R805 ADV-CP Speed Ctrl

    J891 Adv. Constant Path

    R796 Ascii Program Loader

    R507 Ascii Upload

    R512 AutoSingularityAvoidM

    J618 CE Mark

    R534 Collision Guard

    J684 Collision Guard Pack

    R663 Constant Path

    J508 Customer Reg

    J523 Cycle Time Priority

    J567 DCS Pos./Speed check

    J568 DCS Safe I/O connect

    J755 Domain Name Serv.

    R834 Dual Chan. Profinet

    R651 FRL Params

    R553 HMI Device (SNPX)

    R558 Internet Conn/Custo

    R694 Jog in Auto Mode

    J766 Maint Reminder Plus

    J771 Maintenance Reminder

    R583 Motion Interface

    R809 Motion Package

    R641 PC Interface


    J931 PROFINET Safety

    J541 Password Protection

    R603 ROS Ethernet Packets

    R843 Remote iPendant

    R792 Singularity Avoidance

    R904 Spline Motion


    R726 iRCalib. Signature

    R765 iRDiagnostics

    FVRC Virtual Robot

    H721 R-2000iC/165F


    Any advice about this?

    Should I use or configure some motion option?

    Thanks in advance


    Software simulator: Roboguide V9 - Rev T.

    My question:

    Is there any option in Roboguide to modify the origin coordinate system of a part or an obstacle?

    I mean, after work with other software simulators, i found really easy to change the origin of any part. but it's something I can't find in Roboguide.

    Once you have a system coordinate system for an object... it remains allways in the same position.

    Should I modify it before add to Roboguide?



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