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    This issue exists also using this version :(

    I will try to reinstall windows to be sure, and will try to reinstall windows on one of existing, working machines too, to be sure if it is connected to windows, or maybe somehow to hardware?...

    If it will not help I'll contact my distributor on next week.

    And will post results :)

    Thanks for fast reply!


    I am using KRCC v947. Everything works fin on about 5 different PC, some of them upgraded to Windows 10 1903, some not.

    But I have recently received new PC with version 1903 installed (it has not been upgraded from older version), and I get error that krcc.dll or some of its modules cannot be loaded...

    I have tried dependency walker and process monitor, but with no success... :( I wasn't able to pinpoint the dll/module that causes problem.

    I have been trying to change something with .net versions and here I have something like success... when project type changed to .net 2.0 or .net 3.5 and using .net 3.5 dll it works.

    It is quite troublesome - to rewrite a part of app to use such old version...

    Did anyone have such problems?