Posts by cyber-weld

    I’m looking for info on how to alter the time slice on a Fanuc . I’m trying to make the arm more responsive to a sensor input. I seem to remember being able to alter the time the cpu can allocate to path planning , it was I think called “time slice” . Any help appreciated.

    I seem to remember back in the day a formula for weaving in the arc tool manual . It showed you how forward speed was affected for freq and delays etc.

    Does anyone remember this or has a manual with it in ? Or even better send it to me !

    Dear all , I'm sure this has been asked before but time has passed ! I want to reduce my override speed whilt maintaining my programmed weld speed . Back in the RG and RG2 days it wasn't an issue , now it seems it is. Also how can I can my overall max robot speed to say 50% in Point to Point and say 500mm/sec etc whilst under linear and circular etc. Best Regards

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