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    Hi Guru's

    I have a cell we done for a customer, it has two medium sixed 6 axis robots working close to one another, (nachi Robots)

    This project has been a very problematic project thus far with the customer at the route cause of most of the issues,

    Anyway I defined two areas ( 1 for each robot ) that the robots can enter unless the other robot has left, 3 years into the project not crashes as of yet, Hooray for me.

    Customer now is asking for cycle improvements and states that the area I have defined as too large.

    There are 2 tools the machine works on and I have defined an safe area for both tools as it just makes sense to keep it as simple and effective as possible.

    For me to do what the customers want I will need to activate and deactivate the SAFE Areas as per the different tools (Tools change every cycle via a Rotation table)

    So constantly dynamically changing them,

    I was wondering is this the normal way to do things or am I best to push back as best I can.

    I will say this, there is robot programmers who work in house for the customer and I an 99% certain they would of caused crashes if I hadn't defined the areas so well. As they are limited and I had to restore files from a back up previously as the screwed the program by defining a points I was defining via a ''Get Pos'' Type of instruction.

    Just looking for opinions,

    I am relatively experience to robot programming but I only do like maybe between 2-5 cells a year but usually 1 robot cells

    Thanks in Advance

    I have a R30iB Plus on my hands,

    I want to do the following,

    I want to have easy editable constant numbers in the program to allow me to edit the position of clips inserts,

    For example I want to move left or right by .5 mm and I can change the constant from 25.5, Problem sorted.

    I ran the code and it work somewhat,

    The only problem is that PR[10] always seems to use Tool 0 or world co-ordinates,

    I have tried every tool function I could see and always it still moves wrong.

    The tool is relatively simple only a 250 mm offset on the z axis.

    But when I want to insert the clip I need the W axis to be about -6

    I have defined a second tool and can jog in this plane no problem but when I run the program below it still moves in original tool or world co-ord

    Literally tried the last 3 hours and it just wont work, I am out of idea from the menus and other forum posts nothing I do seems to work

    Thanks in advance

    ! Move Left Right

    UTool_Num = 2

    Pr[10] = LPOS

    PR[10] = PR[10,1] + 25

    L PR[10] 100mm Fine

    ! Move Forward Back

    Pr[10] = LPOS

    PR[10] = PR[10,2] + 25

    L PR[10] 100mm Fine

    ! Move Up / Down

    Pr[10] = LPOS

    PR[10] = PR[10,2] + 25

    L PR[10] 100mm Fi

    Thanks for the replies.

    Its what I was thinking.

    I will try my best to get them to go for another brand.

    It sounds like its just another instance of some pen pusher with no clue requesting the cheapest hardware possible to save the company a few 1000's in the short term.

    And I will be stuck sorting out the consequences.


    Have a customer requesting we use a nachi robot,

    Just wondering if anyone has used theses, ad what there experience with them was, against something like a Fanuc or an ABB

    thing Id like to know,

    Ease of programming - Teach pendant only or Via a laptop ?

    Tech support and documentation good ? aka manuals

    Profinet set up comms etc

    Probably being requested to use them because they are cheaper just want to make sure I am not ending up in a horror show so the cusotmer can save 2k on some hardware

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for the Input,

    I now have a FANCUC Robot pretty much humming, Main Process wise anyways.

    I have another Question if you could help with,

    Currently ''Trying'' to make the machine Operator Proof so want to perform homing via this method,

    Define current pos of robot to [p1]

    Offset 1 z 50mm

    Define current pos of robot to [p1]

    Offset 1 Y 150mm

    I am struggling to find the command that lets me update current position to a Robot Positions Variable ?

    Hi All,

    Quick Question,

    Upcoming project that is going to be 4 robots with very similar routines.

    I have lots of experience with ABB robots and really like the way I can Write code via the Robot Studio Platform.

    Now recently I had a one off FANUC project and I did not like the way I couldn't program the robot via a laptop and download into the robot via a laptop. (i Know you can use the ascii option or buy the very expensive software to achieve this)

    To me it should just be a standard option to have this capability,

    Now for the question,

    I have no experience with KUKA but was wondering if any of you guys do ?

    Would KUKA robot programming be like the ABB ( with a free version of software to write code in and download via a laptop )

    Or would KUKA robots be more like the FANUC ?

    Thanks in Advance


    Brilliant mate, One more questions,

    As I move through different programs and create new points. Th TP creates P Numbers that have been used prior.

    For example if in program 1

    J p[1] 80% CNT 5

    J p[2] 80% CNT 5

    J p[3] 80% CNT 5

    Then when I am in program two and want to create a new point it automatically defines its as

    J p[1] again,

    Does this mean that the P numbers are tied to specific programs and are not global across the robot ?


    I am working on a FANUC Robot and have not been able to get any training done prior to this,

    Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regards trying to get the Robot to move ''Relative to Tool''

    For example I want to be able to as part of the Homing movement, Move to Tool -200mm on the Z axis to move it of the way of any obtrusions etc

    I have been able to do movements like this no problem in the ABB robots and Epson robots.

    Thanks in Advance for any help provided.

    Have a question regards Fanuc Roboguide software.

    I am used to programming robots ABB using robot studio to quickly write my code.

    Does Roboguide allow me to do the same ? I.e connect to laptop and write and download code to the robot via the laptop over ethernet connection.

    Thanks Lemster,

    Its just that I need to program the Robot to work on multiple parts aka multipe recipes.

    I can see that taking along time now using the teach pendant :baseball:

    Our customer requested this spcific I know why.. Cheaper for them more expensive for us to develop. :waffen100:

    I was previously presuming :party1: in 2019 all robot manufacturer's would have something like robot studio to make the software easy to develop.

    Been doing some research online myself,

    - Robots have to be programmed with the Teach pendant.
    - Ascii option needs to be installed to upload text files with the program in it. (allows to program with laptop some what )

    This seems ridiculous to me in this day and age.
    I was programming Epson robots via RC+ on a laptop about 10 years ago.
    Then with ABB from 5-6 years ago via robot studio.

    Is Fanuc really that far behind ? in this particular regard.


    I am a controls systems programmer and have a strong robotics and PLC skills

    I have plenty experience working with ABB and Epson Robots.

    But never Fanuc...

    I have a project coming up and it will time constrained so I will not have time to learn on my own.

    So I was wondering should I go for Fanuc specific training or is it not to dis-similar to the above robots mentioned ?

    Thanks in Advance for your opinions

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