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    yes, when the right mouse button is held down the model does not rotate, all that moves is the curser. I believe its working normally as when I right click on the project name the drop down box appears and shows "Project, Batch operation, Add ect.". The only motion that occurs is the curser moves. What do you mean by the right viewing window? If you are referring to the buttons for the single/double/quadruple view then I have the single clicked currently but just for curiosity sakes I tried all three options and when I had quadruple selected I could rotate the model selected in the third and fourth view windows! but still not the first or second.

    Thank you, I've spent most of my day either reading older posts in the Kawasaki section (got a lot of great info out of the manual section) or I've been using K-Roset and my backups from my cells to try and recreate a running (program wise) cell. So far its been challenging but fun. Ill definitely be looking at the link under tip two!

    Does anyone have resources to help learn how to use K-Roset and KRTerm? I'm very new to Kawasaki robotic systems and have a full license for K-Roset, seems to be a good way to familiarize myself with the programing. A lot of the youtube videos I've found are not in English. Any help/tips/suggestions would be appreciated. Also any general Kawasaki tips/best practices would be appreciated too. We Have D and E style controllers and two ZZX300s, a RD80N, and a RS30N converted to RS50N. Also planning on taking some classes this coming year up at Wixom to gain a more detailed knowledge base and having Kawasaki come in and give me and my guys a crash course in Kawasaki robots here next month. My background has been all Fanuc up till now. Thanks ya'll.

    I had to disable speed adjustment on the fly the other day for a continuous improvement project by setting

    $GENOV_ENB to False. Now I've found after a tradesperson cycles power on the cell that the robot speed upon booting up is automatically set to 10%, requiring be to come and unlock the speed adjust and set it back at 100%. Is there anyway to change it so it boots up at 100%? I am familiar with OVRD Select speeds but that's not currently set up, mostly due to a lack of available IO. Any other ideas?

    On the Basic Unit, my dial has been set to C0 with all the switches set to "off " except 1 which is set to "On", the manual I have does a pretty poor job explaining what exactly is addressed. Can anyone give me laymans explanation of what exactly is being addressed here? I have a BMD88A1 basic unit with a BMD88P1 expansion module attached. Wired up already is probably 9 inputs and 4/5 outputs. I wanna add in more IO going between the robot and PLC then what the Basic unit is already utilizing, and since the basic unit is 8in/8out as is the expansion module that should be achievable with the available IO. I just want to further understand my dial/switch addressing so I don't bite off more than I can chew.

    Ok I've started a new position at a company and I'm trying to familiarize myself with their equipment and programs. The robot in question is a LR Mate 200iD with a R30iA controller. I was told our IO was controlled through a module in the control cabinet. This module has a BMD88P1 model number and a yellow fanuc part number of A03B-0808-C010. Talking with fanuc tech support they tell me this is "B-type" IO. They sent me sections of a manual that explained dip switch settings, and cable configuring but nothing that showed how to figure out my IO configuration. I believe we are only sending a handful of DI/DO's between the robot and there physical location isn't matching (rack/slot) in the PLC chassis. The Processor is a 1747-L552B/C 5/05, 7 input cards and 7 output cards, and a series of Devices net nodes going back to the D-Net Scanner. Im 90% positive that the robot IO isn't on the D-Net, I:6.0 appears to be the only input card with robot bits (DO's im assuming), O:14.0 appears to be the only outputs going to the robot (DI's??). This robot also uses RSR calls. All my fanuc experience had been previously based in ethernet mapping of IO (MOV/Fill the value of tags) and PNS calls so this hardwired Io and RSR stuff is throwing me for a loop.

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