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    I am curious how i restore an All of above backup from another robot to a new one which does exactly the same.

    Would i not lose all the mastering data of the new Robot?

    Is there anyone who could explain how i get all the system files, etc... into the new robot without copying them 1 by 1?

    Or am I not thinking right?

    Greetings and thanks in advance


    I have another question regarding DI/O file.

    If i load DIOCFGSV.IO from Roboguide into my real Robot what will this file change?

    I only want to change the comments for my DI/O list...

    Does it also affect anything like port settings, ethernet IP etc...?

    Thanks in advance

    For your situation it shouldn't really be a problem. If you do ever need a scan independent timer, you can use $FASTCLOCK. I believe it ticks every 2ms.

    i will keep that in mind.

    Here is my Code which seems to work:

    I check DO45 in my Monitor Program.

    1: IF (RI[3]=OFF OR RI[4]=OFF) THEN



    4: R[99]=R[99]+1


    6: IF (RI[3]=ON AND RI[4]=ON) THEN

    7: R[99]=0

    8: DO[45:PartLost]=(OFF)

    9: ENDIF


    11: IF (R[99]>=150) THEN

    12: DO[45:PartLost]=(ON)

    13: R[99]=0

    14: ENDIF

    15: ELSE

    16: DO[45:PartLost]=(OFF)

    17: R[99]=0

    18: ENDIF



    Okay so i programmed this, but apparently i cant use a wait command in a BGL.

    What do i do now?

    1: IF (RI[3]=OFF OR RI[4]=OFF) THEN


    3: LBL[1]

    4: WAIT .10(sec)

    5: R[99]=R[99]+1

    6: IF (RI[3]=ON AND RI[4]=ON) THEN

    7: JMP LBL[2]

    8: ENDIF


    10: IF (R[99]=3) THEN

    11: F[1]=(ON)

    12: JMP LBL[3]

    13: ENDIF


    15: JMP LBL[1]


    17: LBL[2]

    18: F[1]=(OFF)

    19: R[99]=0

    20: ENDIF


    22: LBL[3]

    23: R[99]=0


    Hello everybody,

    our handling system has a vacuum gripper with 2 sensors to check if the part fell accidentally from the gripper.

    Currently i am checking these sensors with a monitor program.

    -> Monitor Program CHECK_PART:

    1: WHEN RI[3] = Off OR RI[4] = Off, CALL PART_LOST

    2: END

    -> PART_LOST Program:

    1: UALM[1]

    2: ABORT

    3: END

    Now my problem is following:

    We have very thin and light products which start to shake a bit while the robot is moving through the cell.

    The sensor starts to stutter a bit ON/OFF...

    Is it possible to give the monitor program a condition that the RI[3] or RI[4] have to be off for a minimum period of time?

    Or does anyone else have a better solution for this?

    Is there something like a timer i can activate for example 0.3 seconds and after this period of time i can set an output?

    We already tried to fix this problem by changing the sensors but it doesnt work...

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance and Greetings


    Hello Everybody,

    is it possible to simulate a Soft PLC which writes register data to the robot in Roboguide?

    Also this PLC ist starting the whole process with PNS, is there a way to simulate the whole process with programm selection in Roboguide?

    Furthermore how can i simulate I/O's from a plc?

    I tried but i didnt manage to do it.

    Thanks a lot in advance.



    Hello everybody,

    i hope you guys can help me out.

    We changed our Robot M20iB-20M to M20iB-35M. We also changed the R30iB Controller to a R30iBPlus controller.

    Now here is the point.

    I tried to convert all the Data from r30ib to r30ibPlus but i got many errors.

    Can anybody write me a list what i can convert and what i cant?

    For example DCS, Spaces, etc...

    We have a pick and place (vacuum gripper) program with 10 reference positions and a Prepos Program.

    After i tried to start the prepos program the robot moved into weird places which i didnt program.;(

    The points i touched up weren't the points i used on the r30ib controller. (joint angles are wrong)

    Can anybody help me out what to do when Restoring a R30iB backup to a R30iB-Plus?

    Thanks a lot everybody and Greetings from Germany