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    As I remember (please correct me) using WinXP you are able to connect and disconnect mouse and keyboard without having any problem (like reboot).

    I do not know why the cabinet has to be open - but connecting and disconneting mouse and keyboard should not cause any problem (why not just taking mouse and keyboard with you - too heavy load?)

    No boot needed when connecting or disconnecting mouse/keyboard. Can add and remove usb as well and all is available under windowsXP.

    Cabinet does not have to be open - simply unlocked. Customer requirement for after hours I/O unit.

    What I have seen:

    Keyboard and mouse were locked up! Only the specialist had the key to that part! It was a little housing on top of the controller (the user were to see the contents of the hpu on monitor - but could not open the slide for mouse or keyboard)

    Do you have any safety regulations in your country?

    No lockup on this machine. Open cabinet and all is there to use.

    About safety regs: We have lions and elephants here - no safety regulations for mice.:)

    I will try tommorrow this on KRC2ed 05, because usually when i work with KRC2's i work with directly KCP or remotely with TightVNC installed on the robot... You only reinstalled KSS? Not the windows XP? Maybe some already played with status bar on windows side so that is poping-up...

    Thanks Danny. Only re-installed KSS. Keen to see what you come up with. There must be a way to control that popup somehow. That will solve the issue. Good luck.

    Hello, by default when KSS is loaded, you can only work in KUKA HMI, usually to get to Windows side on KRC2, you have to first log in at least to Expert level, then by pressing the CTRL+ESC keys, the windows start menu pops-up...

    Hi Danny. I recently re-installed 5.4.11 from the D partition iso.

    The default boot is Operator level 5.

    With a mouse and keyboard connected externally I am able to click on the STATUS BAR and get a popup offering to minimise the HMI.

    Once i ‘minimize’ I have access to WindowsXP and from there can elevate privileges any way I wish..

    So - I can access mouse and keyboard at the lowest level - dunno why then - and can access a very dangerous popup by clicking on the StatusBar - without the need for CTRL+ESC.

    have not seen KRC2 in a long time but as i recall, that is not supposed to happen unless one logs in.

    I’ll have a look around this week and see why it is I can get access to mouse, keyboard and external screen no matter which user is logged in. We have duplicate kuka systems at this site, the other being a krc4, so much easier. Hopefully over time we can encourage the client to upgrade.

    You are correct of course. But in this environment we have to allow instant access to the cabinet. A hereditary issue. So a mouse can be plugged in but it would be unusual. I am trying to minimise after hour fiddling. It’s a 24 hour operation.

    I was hoping there was somewhere in MenueKeyKuka.ini, MenuKeyUser.ini, kuka_HMI.exe.config, SoftKeyKuka.ini or even the registry where I can simply disable the popup from appearing based on a user level limitation.

    Simple answer. There is no option to disallow this in KRC2 as far as I remember. KRC2 uses a Windows user account with administrative privileges. The Kuka HMI user accounts have nothing to do with the windows user account. There is a technology package KUKA.NONADMIN but I am not sure this was already available for KRC2. You could lookup the package in KUKA Xpert, see pinned topic READ FIRST if you do not already have an account.


    Hi All,

    Our client has a KRC2 ed05 running KSS 5.4.11.

    We have 4 users:

    Operator - level 5

    Co-ordinator - level 10

    Expert - level 20

    Admin - level 30

    Other than Operator (kukaAuto) the other users have passwords.

    I have attached an external keyboard, mouse and screen to the controller to do some changes on security.

    While adding additional security features I noticed an alarming security vulnerability.

    When I click on the status Bar I get a popup window allowing me to access the Windows XP operating environment by 'minimizing' the HMI - no matter what level user is logged in.

    Once HMI is 'minimized' to Windows XP, I can change registry values and do anything an Admin can do. Very dangerous.

    Can someone please point me to the file or parameters where I can limit access to the 'minimize' popup feature to say Expert level (20)?

    I can't find any documentation on where this feature can be secured.

    Many thanks.

    Dear All,

    I may have missed these manuals and if so please do point me in the right direction.

    I usually work with Kuka and ABB and have some knowledge on the General operation of the NX100 and HP20 but a bit stumped when it comes to the Welding part.

    I am refurbishing a Motoman NX100 working with a Yaskawa HP20 robot for Welding Purposes. I have all the components working but now need to get it to weld.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a configuration manual for the JANCD-XEW01-1 welding card?

    I need to understand the input/output command programming references for this card.

    The Motoman website only has the card input and output layout but not how (or where) these are configured or programmable.

    In addition I am trying to get the SKS UNI5 welding interface card (NX100) to work properly (wiring and io config) and could really do with an installation manual for that. Any suggestions where I can get the manual?

    Oh and just an aside - how do I get the 'Relay ON/OFF' menu option to show on the pendant? I have set the parameters as suggested in section 10.15 of the NX100 Operators General Purpose manual but have a feeling there is something else I need to do.

    Please do help if you can.



    I have a number of old KRC2 machines in the field and am looking to explore some controller development work.

    This means I need to understand the structure of the controller ram-disk once all programs are loaded.

    I can't find too much documentation on this but have established the following basic memory map.

    Is this 'table' correct?

    Total motherboard memory: 512MB

    First 256MB: Drivers, NDIS driver, Interface drivers, Windows XP kernel and Windows uploader which loads VxWorks

    Next 48MB (roughly): Vx works (about 32MB), Shared memory, Anchor

    Next 16MB: Windows XP

    Next 1MB: kuka BIOS and hardware support (MM Hardware)

    Next 190MB: RAM - is this all for robot program use?

    Please do let me know where I can find more detailed explanations. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Forum,

    Please do forgive me if my request is a bit outdated and if what I am looking for has already been posted.

    I really have tried to find this manual on this forum and generally on the net - no luck.

    Does anyone have a technical manual for the Fujitsu Siemens D1688-K32 GS1 motherboard?

    I have 'inherited' this Kuka robot with a KRC2 controller and am looking to use it on a project. The controller however is in bits and pieces and I need to to assemble/install and configure it.

    The PC controller motherboard, case, power supply and plug in cards were supplied separately from a company in Germany which is no longer trading. (No hard drive - grrrr).

    I am OK with assembling the controller but before I power up I need to check I have connected and configured everything correctly.
    > BIOS battery could need changing
    > I need Visual output to a standard PC screen to check all setups and not sure if I can get away with just a KVGA card - if that is working.
    > I need to verify RAM and general status/settings of the motherboard - including certain capability.
    > I need to check jumpers on the motherboard are correct - if needed.
    > I need to check ports and what needs to be connected.
    > There are some connectors wired into the case and I do not know where they are supposed to go.
    > There are some connector points on the motherboard and I do not know what these are for.
    > etc :icon_smile:

    Your help in locating this motherboard would be most appreciated.