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    Sunrise.OS / iiwa 14 R820 / flexFELLOW H900 Comfort

    my iiwa is working fine and synchronization works (e.g. after chaning the safety configuration). I can't change anything in the station configuration though, because installing the project always fails. Afterwards I have to disconnect the robot from the power supply and the smartpad from the robot for a short time, then it reboots and everything works (unchanged).

    There is a screenshot from the workbench attached. The smartpad says (in my translation) "Control installation has failed. Reason: Network connection to control was or is interrupted.". It also makes no difference if I plug my computer into the flexFELLOWs Ethernet Port or into the X66 of the cabinet directly.

    I tried this with 2 different computers and different network cables. Did anyone experience this problem before?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I have set up a listener observer for collision detection using kiiwa's approach from this thread and it works great. When a collision is detected, the robot stops, and when the way is clear it continues it's movement.

    It would be even better though, if the robot would reverse the last few centimeters after the collision, so that the worker can not get trapped between the robot and an obstacle. As the robot is moving in different directions, I can't do that using move(linRel) on collision.

    Did anyone try this before?

    Thanks for your help!

    Thank you for your answer! It took me a while to anser, because I'm still in contact with company IT.

    The company is a MNE with >25.000 emplyees I don't have any influence on the network configuration (like those exclusion ranges). My team is trying to find a workaround so that we can use the robot with our company PCs.

    I also am no network specialist. My understanding from those automatic IP settings (DHCP) is, that my PC gets an IP from the (ethernet) network. Once I disconnect the PC from the "company ethernet cable" (aka my laptop docking station), the network adapter stays with this IP. If the robot would be in this IP range, I could connect to it. But once I put the PC back into my docking station, I might get a new random IP and the connection would no longer work. Is that correct?

    But all of this would be a topic for our beloved colleagues from IT support. I was just wondering, if there is any way to change the robot IP easily, so that you could connect any PC to it. Like, changing the IP on the smartPad ;)


    I would like to be able to connect an iiwa 14 R820 robot to my company's pre-configured laptops.

    Currently I am using a designated development laptop which I have admin rights on, so I was able to connect to the robot and I could change the robot settings if needed. In the long term though, the robot should be usable for non-admin users. Sunrise Workbench 1.16 will be installable through our company software center, but the users will not be able to change network settings. DHCP is active there.

    How can I make sure that regular users can connect to the robot without changing their network settings?

    Thanks in advance!