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    I have both alarm 4203 with sub [-8] and 4228 in same time on the YRC1000 controller.

    Can anyone help when these alarm occur and how can solve it?


    I have a simulation with robot and positioner. I create a R1+S1 job but i couldn't use SMOV instruction in it. I press SMOV key (key 4) on the pendant but the MOV instructions don't change to SMOV.

    Can you help for solve this problem?

    I use CAM function for create a R1+S1 job to but it couldn't create a job with SMOV instructions for me.

    The LOADJ, DELETEJ.... only work with the ethernet/RS232 communications to a PC connected to the robot controller. They do not work with loading or deleting jobs from a CF card or jump drive in the pendant.


    Can you explain and help for use LOADJ and SAVEJ by PC? I couldn't use these instructions.

    The controller is connected to PC.


    I will use the LOADJ and SAVEJ, i read the manual but i couldn't understand how these instructions work.

    Where in the PC or other memory the JOB save or load from it?

    Please guide me any person use these instructions.


    I have 15 job that are for motion (each job have 7500 step) and a main job that CALL these 15 job from it.

    I will load these jobs on the robot controller (YRC1000) but after load 9 job it give me error 2280 and it don't load other jobs.

    Can anyone help how increase the memory or run jobs from other memory? (same as USB, SD or PC)

    Thank you

    two options for solving your problem come to my mind.

    1 ) You can increase MTE= 32767 by 2 times. By creating a start point of rotation MTE= -32767 and end point MTE= +32767

    2) or paid function from the manufacturer by manipulating the secret parameter FD ( Infinite rotation (Ext axis, T axis) )

    Thank you for your options,

    Can you give me example for option 1 that you said?

    About option 2, are you sure there are function parameter for infinite rotation? Because i didn't listen about it.


    We have an external axis endless. It can turn according to the value that give to MTE in MOVJ instruction. I use MRESET to reset the number of turn.

    I have a problem, I need the axis turn more than 32767, in the default the MTE can set only 32767. for use more than this, i use MRESET to reset the axis turn and use MOVJ for turn again but there are a problem after reset. Axis stop and start again, this is bad for my work. How can solve this problem?

    My Program is below:


    MOVJ VJ=10

    MOVJ VJ=10 MTE= 32767


    MOVJ VJ=10 MTE=32767



    I will robot move around a circle, I listen in some of robot brand can use only two MOVC instruction and give radius but i see in Yaskawa for create a circle need 5 MOVC.

    Are there any way to create a circle with two or 3 MOVC in Yaskawa?



    I will mounting the HP20-D on the wall. I don't know what settings or parameter change it need. Please help for it.

    I have access to Yaskawa mode only don't know parameter setting.

    Thank you

    Thank you for information.

    Yes i see this site but i don't understand in which projects can use it and how it can help in projects, i understand use it need special knowledge of programming but they say it can help for easy working with robot.

    I don't understand how it can do.


    How long has Yaskawa been talking about ROS. I search for it but i don't find any sample for it. Also I did not understand where it is used.

    Can any one explain about it and where it can use?

    Do you have sample for use it in projects?

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