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    When I call Fanuc tech support it is either $500 or $2000 to do what I'm asking about.

    I recently had a EOAT that required 5 32bit floating point parameters over Profi-Net. I asked if there was some kind of translating subroutine as the robot has a 16bit Motorola processor. They sent me a .pdf for mapping global data. (no mention of converting the data). Fortunately the PLC programmer on the job took the communications for the EOAT and we handshaked the IO for me to control it.

    I taught tool 1 with the 3 point method. Tool 3 with vision (hand held camera, fixed position dots). Now when I go from looking at parts to pick and switch to tool 1 to pick, I get a motn-017. I noticed that the taught point P[1] was W=0 and the current position was -180. modifying P[1,4]=-180 resolved the fault.


    Should I change the tools to match?

    Should I include in my offset?

    What would be "best practices"?

    I do the same thing. Keeping some PR's just for Offset use.

    ! Z 50mm up

    CALL OFFSET(25,0,0,50,0,0,0) <-- this calls the sub below.

    J P[1:Pick] 100% CNT10 Offset,PR[25:OFFSET1] VOFFSET,VR[1]

    !Sub OFFSET

    1: //$ssr.$singlestep=0 ;

    2: --eg:First Argument is which PR

    : to write. The remainder are

    : x,y,z,w,p,r ;

    3: R[22:TEMP2]=AR[1] ;

    4: PR[R[22],1]=AR[2] ;

    5: PR[R[22],2]=AR[3] ;

    6: PR[R[22],3]=AR[4] ;

    7: PR[R[22],4]=AR[5] ;

    8: PR[R[22],5]=AR[6] ;

    9: PR[R[22],6]=AR[7] ;

    10: //$ssr.$singlestep=1 ;

    I use J1 Like this:

    ! turned toward outbound conveyor

    if R[20:Jpos1] > 120 Jmp Lbl [100]

    ! @ winder

    if R[20:Jpos1] > 90 Jmp Lbl [200]

    ! @ buffer conveyor

    if R[20:Jpos1] > 0 Jmp Lbl [300]

    ! @ Pick pallet

    if R[20:Jpos1] > -45 Jmp Lbl [400]

    ! Not sure where I am. Job me please!


    Lbl [100:@ outbound cnvr]

    if R[32:LposZ] < 120 Jmp Lbl [150] or what ever checks are needed for that area

    PR[30:Lpos,3] = 120 Often normalize Z to a point that will clear area

    J PR[30:Lpos] 4000mm/s CNT 25

    Lbl [150]

    j PR[1:Home] 4000mm/s Fine

    Jmp Lbl [999]

    Lbl[200:@ Winder]

    ETC... Different checks for each area

    Jmp Lbl [999]



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