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    Yes, my bad. So you need to select type of robot, tool and reference frame. Here is link for tutorial:

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    Thank You, I'll let you know when I try some modifications.

    Thank You,

    I'll give it a try. This code is fully generated by RoboDK.
    # posture is generates also by RoboDK, goal is to import gcode set it in reference frame in our case on work table and generate code.

    What software are you using to generate tool path on image that you sent?

    Hello ,

    We are working on machining station with kawasaki FS030L and we are using SolidCAM and RoboDK for offline programing. There is one big issue that we thought someone has encounterd before. So when we make machining program lets say 2.5d just to follow line in robodk everything seems fine but when we run program on robot, it moves to starting position and when it comes to LMOVE limes it raises up and starts working in air. We tried editting tool offset but it didn't help. Here is part of program:

    .PROGRAM FMv2()

    ; Program generated by RoboDK v3.6.0 for Kawasaki FS30L on 16/08/2019 10:28:06

    ; Using nominal kinematics.

    BASE TRANS(1665.000,-215.000,250.000,0.0000,0.0000,90.0000)

    TOOL TRANS(250.000,0.000,88.000,0.0000,90.0000,0.0000)

    ; Show Spindle

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    JMOVE #[98.57517, 42.74407, -102.26859, 169.57113, -55.45971, -84.04237]

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,110.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000) ( at this point robot rises)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    SPEED 1000.0 MM/S ALWAYS

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,10.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,25.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,2.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)


    LMOVE TRANS(-0.000,-13.800,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)


    LMOVE TRANS(-4.800,-13.800,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(-3.394,-10.406,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(0.000,-9.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(800.000,-9.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(806.364,-6.364,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(809.000,0.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(809.000,600.000,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C1MOVE TRANS(806.364,606.364,-0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    C2MOVE TRANS(800.000,609.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)

    LMOVE TRANS(0.000,609.000,0.000,0.0000,180.0000,90.0000)




    Has anyone tried machining with this kawasaki robot?

    Do you think that this is issue with robotdk?

    Can you suggest us with some other program for robot machining?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been testing my Kawasaki robot FS030L model for a couple of weeks with various programs. Last time I got this error when I try to make a circle with C1MOVE and C2MOVE commands. It gives me "ERROR (-896) Option not set up".
    I looked through every manual: AS language reference, controller manual, troubleshooting, etc. and I could not get much info.
    The only information I could get is from the troubleshooting manual which just says what I can read from MFP...
    If you have any solution, I would be glad to hear it. :help:
    Below are attached photos

    You've been amazing help!

    There is one video of arm in action :beerchug:

    But we have some more questions for you, maybe we need to make a new topic. So, after we fixed all issues in controler we would like to make full maintainance on robot arm, as I have said before this is FS030L model, do you have instructions of oil change in this model. Maybe maintanace manual?

    When we were taking covers from motors off, the one on fourth axis which holds pneumatic switches, some oil came out of it from somewere not a lot but some...

    This robot has 2014 date in MFP so we belive that it was sitting for 5 years. Great job :top: :top: :top:


    I have observed those LED on 1HY Board this is the situation. When we trigger teach mode LED are light in way as for Repeat mode on photo you have sent. So somehow this is switched.

    So, what I mean is following:

    When push deadman:
    CR1, CR2 and CR3 are working in Teach mode, but according to electrical manual they should work in Repeat mode.
    CR4 is not switching at all, it remains idle. The same situation is with LEDs for each relay.

    Also contactor K1 should be switched on when in Repeat mode, but here in our Teach mode it switches. I will attach photos from the manual and from the robot.

    Attached below is: picture of relays on/off, contactors on/off and schematics from manual.

    Seems like someone before us flipped the order of the connections maybe. We're planning to check voltage levels 1HY receives from 1HP and check if it fits configuration from the manual. If you have any hint to help us, it would be very valuable.
    Thanks for everything!

    I understand. We don't have any so we are searching online for a replacement.

    While reading other topics I got to someone who had similar problem and you said that CR1 and CR2 are for Teach and CR2 and CR3 are for Repeat. In our case marking is CN. So, is there any procedure for trigering third relay on 1HY board as 1 and 2 are working and when we try to turn on third one ( by turing Repeat on) we get error. So if we could triger it somehow than we would know that problem is not in 1HY board :hmmm:

    We will also try cheching cables wire by wire...

    Do you think that replacing 1HP and 1HY could slove the problem. As I understand there is some problem between comunication of these two?

    We double checked the connector and the switch. We will check wiring with other bords also just in case. Do you have any manual or a hint what happens when we switch to repeat, what happens with logic in electronics. We were thinking to check the 1HP board with equipment (oscilloscope, logic analyzer..) and try to get some clue if one electronic part makes this issue. Maybe some logic error occurs and that’s why we get that error, because everything seems to work in teach mode: all input buttons and switches to main board, the controller seams fine also, relays and contactors are working also.. that means that they should also work in repeat mode :stupid:

    1. I load a program from program list. We have lot of programs, but also we have simple program we wrote to move one joint. As described in AS language manual.
    2. Then I click check mode. Turn motor power on hold deadman switch and then I click on arrows to move down through program lines. Lines move but robot doesn't.
    3. After this I go to keyboard and I see message program held. Also when connected KRTerm as I click on arrows with holding deadman we get message on terminal "program hold."

    Are we doing something worng here?

    Thank You.

    I will check this tommorow morning. We took this switch appart today when we had issue ti NC/NO but we can do it again tommorw.

    One more thing that I have noticed when I try to run program in check mode in teach nottingh happens but when I go to keyboard menu it says "Program Held". Also I have conneced to robot through terminal and when I try to run a program in check mode in terminal I get message Program hold. Can this be related? I'll attach photo from keyboard menu

    Thank you once more

    Yes when change from teach to repeat motor power does go off. But even if we turn motor power off by e-stop reset then change to repeat few seconds after turning the key we get error 1337. Then we turn key back to teach and turn motor power on and it works fine. :hmmm: