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    we bought a new abb robot (IRB 6700). robot comes with new model flex pendant(omni core flex pendant). we having a flex pendant interface options also. but screen maker is not working. I downloaded screen maker from robot studio but in flex pendant screen tab is not visible..

    screen maker will not work for new flex pendant?

    Elderwild i am using IRC5 controller. I am using profinet IO's also.

    if we can use PC Interface in LAN port means I can use Profinet and PC interface in single cable.

    its possible to use profinet and PC interface in single cable???..

    Thanks in Advance

    Hi to everyone,

    I am using ABB Robot. Currently i am using Robot studio and PC Interface in service port. I need to know can we use PC interface and Robot studio in LAN port or in WAN port?

    Its possible to use in LAN or WAN port?

    Thanks in Advance

    Hi to everyone...

    There is a any option in kuka robot to record the path while program running. we are using seam tracking to track the path. I need to record and save the path and replay the path... I seen in ABB robot MP path save option to save and replay the path.. There is a option in kuka robot??? Help me out!!!

    Hi to everyone,

    I need a logic or command for Linear Incremental motion. I just want to move robot blindly in X direction for 100mm. In fanuc robot there is option called Incremental we can move robot in linear direction. There is a any commands or logic avaibale in abb??..

    Someone help me out...

    Hi to everyone

    I have 4 Robot reference points(P1,P2,P3,P4). By using these reference points how to calculate Robot TCp theoretically.

    Base and Tool is in nullframe. By using which algorithm we can find Robot TCP.. Help me out:!:

    Hi to everyone,

    I am facing one problem in Fanuc Robot.

    I Installed Universal Sensor Interface software for Laser Seam Tracking system. I have one main program and inside there are many sub programs. when ever the error comes from the Sensor the program is aborting and its going to main program. I need to hold the sub program even the error comes from the robot and sensor.

    There is any settings to change abort to hold the program?

    Thanks in Advance


    Remote connection is not possible in this case as the communication, IP address setting are not ok. The usual way is to check with monitor. The monitor must display something. Has this controller functioned before? Have you recently changed a component in the cabinet?

    Yes, this is 5 years old robots. I have this problem only from last 2 months. but 3 months before I reinstalled some optional packages. after only I am getting this problem.

    If the robot's IP address is known, you could connect an external computer to the KLI port and try pinging it. If that works, then the issue is limited to the SmartPad, or the KRC4/SmartPad connection.

    If the ping fails, that (along with the monitor and SP failure) suggests that the KRC4 is simply not operating.

    Yes sir, i tried with external computer also. its not showing as connected in network connections also its not pinging.

    Hi to everyone, kuka controller is not getting ON. I listed the error below.
    On startup the errors displayed are:
    1. EtherCAT communication timed out. packet missing.
    2. IP address request failed. cannot request IP address.
    3. could not set IP address. unable to configure IP address automatically.

    To check the problem I tried connecting monitor,but its showing no signal available.

    what maybe the possible problem?
    How to fix the problem?
    Or If possible to take remote from the controller? explain in which port I have connect and which IP address i want to use?

    Thanks and regards