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    I've been working with r-j3ib controllers using the RO/RI to communicate with a siemens plc, but now the company just bought 5 new robots with a r-30ia controllers, now as I think that there is no robot input/output I need to learn how to use it with a Ethernet ip, I just saw a video where you need to go to menu>I/O>Ethernet ip but this doesn’t appear on the teach pendant

    is it disabled?

    Do I need to change a variable?

    You can use a group output. With a GO you can group all four bits together and set them as a 4 bit integer value. That would give you a value range of 0 to 15.

    Maybe this is too much to ask but, can you tell me how to configure a GO, I’m kinda new with this subjects

    Greetings everyone

    I'm working with a Fanuc 2000ia 165F with a R3jiB controller using the inputs and outputs to comunicate with a PLC, but i'm having a problem.

    I usually send 4 outputs using them as states, and im looking for a way to turn on my outputs using the same code line, does someone knows how to do this?

    I'm using a j3iB with a R-2000iA 165F i have been programming with the teach pendant, but now i need to declare a new variable to use as a counter, does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

    I've been working with a R-2000ia 165F and now I'm installing the second one, but now after the init start, the zero master position, and calibrating, when i jog the robot some axis (3,4,5,6) the position showed in the teach does not correspond with the real one for example, when i jog the axis 4 90 degrees in the teach shows a movement of 70 degrees, this produces the robot does not move in a straight line in world coord. also in the MENU-SETUP-Interface shows the robot model as a R2000ia but the one who is already working shows a RK2/165F and the values in the details are diferent by a little, so i think the problem should be the software of the controller but I'm not sure, have anyone have had this problem?