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    Tell them to give you a drawing like the attachment
    Check the axis, usually we have to rotate them, Im talking about right and left hand rule

    Hallo Fabian,

    From Your Drawing Above (Solidwork data), which data that you use as inertia for the robot?
    Is it "Moment Inertia Taken at the center of mass and aligned with output coordinates system"
    or "Moment inertia Taken at the output coordinate system" ?


    i need your help, currently, i have a project and studying about IRVision Image to Point, the application is to generate robot points By IRvision Fanuc camera.

    - First, the robot Camera is set up, Calibration and making Vision process is finished I try to use "Image to Point Vision Process" everything was set up and the camera process can detect the point and ready for running

    - the problem is, how to get the point from the camera and generated it to TP Program? I cannot find any documentation in manual book on how to do it

    anyone here has experience with using this camera function? is it using Karel? if yes I need help with detailing the function of Karel and how to use it.

    thank you very much,


    Before I even think about it. Is your program just a few circular points ? Is it a bunch of taught points ? Is that perfect circle ? What about the tool shape , do yo u rotate the tool while rotating around the part ?

    Just asking because if I look at your picture, I would have a program with circular motions based on the radio ?

    Hi, thank you for answering

    1. actually the profile of the workpiece is not that simple, it's way more complex, seems like combine between circular and rectangle. i make that model to simplify my explanation.

    2. the tool is an end mill for cutting, and yes i do not rotate the R of my Toll around the part, all the R position is the same position due to robot reach. should i Rotate R normal to the surface?

    Just use offsets in your program. Then you can create a loop where you increment that user l offset each time.

    i Use a Tool Frame for making the program, even I offset my program to X or Y direction, it won't shrink perfectly to the inside of the diameter like the picture above because my Tool position R is always in 0 position. should i make a normal position of X to the Circular point?


    I have something to discuss, does anyone here has an experience with the robot Deburring project? please, let's discuss this in my thread.

    currently, I have a deburring project, this deburring is standard deburring without using any force sensor or vision camera, I have no problem with teaching, trialing the feed rate, and also trialing the quality, until my customer asking on how to offset the deburring position so we can make the robot move to the target deburring slowly.

    please kindly check my picture below, if the workpiece (Blue) has a hole diameter and I have finished teaching my deburring movement in Red, is it possible to make my teaching offset like the Green dash circle inside? the purpose is to move the robot move slowly and feed slowly form the inside of the diameter to the target of deburring. this can be useful if you want to protect your tooling so you can make your robot eat the metal 2mm per eating for example.

    I have Trial "Program Adjustment" on TP, but it seems only working on the cartesian direction either it is the Tool frame or User Frame.

    my target is to make it change like when we set the number in the Roboguide Cad to Path function on the tools: "Translation Relative to Segment".

    anyone has some idea or suggestion

    thank you very much

    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    it is almost 2 days after I repair and do some improvements to the system, and the alarm is nothing.

    I do several things like the below.

    1. Grounding all systems, robots, controllers,s and also other electrical included in the system.

    2. Shielding all the cable and dispatch between the camera cable and another electrical cable

    3. make sure there is no cable in one role

    4. adding a ferrite core, I add 3 ferrite cores, 1 in the camera of the robot, 2 at the end of the J3 camera connector, and 3 in the Connector on the controller.

    5. Change the cable of the camera, with the new one.


    i use LR Mate 200iD Robot and R30iB mate plus controller, now I'm facing a Noise problem on the camera

    Is there anyone here who has an experience with Noise problems on the Fanuc camera? this noise makes the camera has an alarm.

    your solution for erasing noise will be really helpful for me ;( ;(

    thank you

    Another thing, there is an option in Fanuc called Multiple control program using RUN instruction, this is the program that is pretty much like BG logic but easier. it is just running secondary program together with primary program

    Dear All

    i have done this problem, here I share you some of my conclusion

    1. My system is miroring robot, 2 robot that facing each other on the same workpiece. Only robot 1 that has a camera and need to share the offset to the Robot 2. the problem is we don't have any software for Robot 1 to share the offset to Robot 2.

    For this problem i use GI and GO to share the Vision Register to the robot .

    2. The main problem of my question is about the accuration, expecially on R orientation, after some discussion and trial. i found that Robot offset the user frame on Vision is according to the World orientation of the robot, so i miss understanding about user frame and World frame of the robot. it is really high recomendation to make user frame of callibration grid as same as robot world.


    I would like to open a discussion on how to shift the user frame for the robot offset on the camera process.

    Main problem: Robot is inaccurate when locating a product

    Goal: To locate the product using a camera without adding VOFFSET.VR on the program (usually 2D vision Fanuc has a program like this L P[1] 100mm/sec FINE VOFFSET.VR[1])

    Currently, I have done some logic in the program :

    1. first Logic



    PR[20]=VR[1].OFFSET (getting offset from vision)

    PR[30]=UFRAME[2] (this is a static user frame, I was set it up since the beginning)

    CALL MATRIX (20,30,40)

    UFRAME[3]=PR[40] (uframe from the matrix result)



    L P[1] 100mm/sec FINE

    L P[2] 100mm/sec FINE

    L P[3] 100mm/sec FINE

    I Still have miss accurate picking from the robot when applying to the robot, the robot is not accurate

    2. Second Logic




    CALL INVERSE (20,21)

    L P[1] 100mm/sec FINE OFFSET PR[21]

    L P[2] 100mm/sec FINE OFFSET PR[21]

    L P[3] 100mm/sec FINE OFFSET PR[21]

    Actually, this logic is good enough when the part only moving in the X or Y direction, but when it goes to rotate and Change some R, the accuracy is really bad.

    is there anyone who has a similar application?, that would get an accurate picking without using VOFFSET.VR in the program? maybe by using PR offset or shifting the USERFRAME, or is there any insight from you if there is some mistake in my logic.

    PS: i cannot using VOFFSET.VR in the program for specific reason

    Hallo there

    There is a big difference between BG Logic and Multiple running programs.

    In BG Logic, the program will continue running from the beginning of the program until the end of the program with an infinite loop, that is why you cannot put JMP LBL on BG Logic to the upline of the program.

    In Multiple control "RUN", the program will run from the top of the line until finish, but it won't loop for running, it'll only run again after you call the "RUN" program.

    I have tried using this "RUN" control, you can add the Wait condition and also JMP LBL condition or IF condition if the program is finished

    Wait R[1] = 0

    LBL [1]

    DO[1] = On

    IF R[2] = On , JMP LBL [999]

    JMP LBL [1]

    LBL [999]


    with this program, your monitoring program will wait to work until there is some trigger from Register (you can set the register trigger outside the RUN program), and the program will stop after you give another trigger also.

    firstly yes, as the comment above, you can just set up the Boundary so robot will working only when get inside the boundary.

    second one, you can make a logic in the robot program, your robot will waiting until the part is in your range by using LINECOUNT

    Hey, this problem comes when you have the wrong wiring connection. please kindly check the wiring again. just a simple tip, you can open the jumper and then try to copy the wiring path from the jumper to your existing one.