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    Robot SR-3iA (SCARA), circual conveyor and Fixed Camera.

    For circular conveyor vision processess is not possible use Sorting function neither Y-Sort.

    Could you help me how to priorize picking from outter diameter of circucal conveyor? Or could you describe the method how to work with queue of IRPickTool?

    On attached picture you see that the upper connecting rod is always wrongly picked first. Because of missing gripper, I need to safely sliding with connecting rod.

    Thank you very much for ideas.

    Probably best to use the KUKA Recovery USB to restore the windows image that you took before changing IP addresses.
    Can you see anything if you plug in an external monitor into the control PC?

    Thank you!

    I connected a monitor via DVI-D cable to PC. After restart Windows booted and also automatically KSS. When I closed KSS i was able to change IP address of virtual network adapter back from DHCP to with GW:

    SmartPad was necessary to unplug before monitor connecting.

    Now works same as before!:)

    Thank again.:thumbup:


    I have I have KUKA Robot. KRC 4 controller with KSS version 8.5.6.

    Unfortunatelly I changed through SmartPad IP address of local network ( - Realtime OS virtual network adapter). I set it DHCP.

    Right now I can't boot the SmartPad. I can't do anything.

    Is there a possibility to connect to the windows and change back to static IP address?

    Smart pad can not find the HMI of KRC.

    Could you help me solve this issue?

    Thank you very much!

    Thank you for feedback veronicav,

    I'll check it again.

    Yes, I am sure.
    I have KUKA Robot. KRC 4 controller with KSS version 8.5.6.

    Important question were about cartesian workspaces. From Instructions for programmers is not clear how to define tool and base for workspaces. I have two grippers in flange (see attached picture). I would like to define worspace for monitoring presence of both grippers.

    My another question is your recomended procedure for defining tool - TCP. How is possible define TCP of these grippers?

    Thank you for quick reply. I agree that continue in program is better way then program restart.

    I have a few issues:

    1) I studied workspaces. But I am still confused, because I don't understand in which tool or base is the workspace related?
    I have two grippers on flange. Is it position TCP in World? Or flange in World?

    2) I am using Gripper Spotech. When happens error during clamping/unclamping (timeout for input), declared output is set. But how/when the output is reset?
    According your advise I change strategy for clamping error for selecting RETRY, STOP, IGNORE. Is possible remove possibility IGNORE? Generally, I think it is dangerous.


    I am new in robot programming (I'm PLC programmer). I have a few questions on you. :help:

    My gripper enters to tight space in measuring station where clamps a part.
    Sometimes can happen that gripper can't clamp the part (GripperSpot-Tech error with stop program). Then operator should stop automatic cycle and EXT mode for restart program. I am pretty sure, if SAK movement to HOME starts from this area then gripper damage the measuring station.
    What is your idea for solution to avoid a mistake by machine operator?

    2) During robot movement to measuring station I would like to send to master controller (PLC) signal "ROBOT TOOL IS INSIDE THE AREA". This signal should block the measuring station movements. When robot tool leave the dangerous area signal should reset for enable the measuring station.
    What is your ideas for realizing?

    Thank you very much for your suggestion.

    Jan H.