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    Hi guys,

    Does there is a reason why RoboDK is that low in the list?
    I'm using it on a daily basis for a few months now, and honestly, for a 3000$ software (compared to between 20 000$ and 60 000$ for the competitor) it's a really, really good deal.

    Now they even have free plugin to import features from certain CAD software (part, points, edge or sketch to follow) and for certain CAM software.
    Personally I draw my complex path directly on the part in SolidWorks (3D sketch) then I import it with orientation in a few clicks. This save me so much time and no need to be a mathematics genius.

    Just my own opinion.
    Good day.

    Hi there,

    You should also consider RoboDK.
    It's an offline programming software that only cost 3000$ (believe me, it's nothing compared to the price of their competitor that can go up to 30 000$ or even more.)
    You can download a free version on their software. The only limitation is that you can't generate code of more than 50 lines (with the free version), but if you contact them, they should be able to give you a 30-day unlimited trial (it's what they did for me).

    They can natively accept some G-code (.gcode, .nc and .atp if I'm not wrong). They also have a few plugins for CAD/CAM software.
    Fusion is not officially supported yet, but last time I talk with the guys, they told me that they will roll it out in the next month or so.

    Have a great day.

    Hi there,

    Great article, I've learn a lot.

    I'm using RoboDK myself and I believe that it worth every penny I paid for it (especially considering that it's the cheapest on the market supporting multiple robot brand).
    I feel like I reduced my programming time by half. (Ok, I'll admit that my first RoboDK project took a bit more time then a normal project, learning curve you know.)

    Hi there,

    If you are like me and you don't want to have to ask anything at first and you want a quick solution to your situation, you can download the free trial version of RoboDK on their website.
    You will have a 30 days license no question asked. (You can even by pass the "Contact form" by reloading the page at the right time, hehe.)

    If you like it but 30 days is not enough, you can contact them and they will send you another 30 days fully unlock evaluation license. (It's what they did for me.)

    I'm still using it for my Kuka robots and I'm pretty happy honestly.