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    Does anyone know how I can locate the serial number of the wiring equipment they originally found from kuka?

    Corrugated from axis 1 to 3 and from 3 to 6 with the Kuka K-Box.

    Thank you

    Hi everyone !!

    I do not know if anyone around here knows or can pass me the robinstal I lost on my old PC and now I have no way to recover it.

    It would be helpful, thank you very much in advance.

    A few months ago something similar happened to me, I had a 24V lead from the EE that fused the FS2 fuse. I recommend that you verify that you have no derivation by the 24v of the EE of the anti-collision of the wrist and replace the 6-axis servo amplifier

    Hola a todos!

    I have a doubt to see if you can help me.

    I have a fanuc 2000iB robot with the R30IA controller. It comes with the European package and asks me what it does and how it can be bypass with the connectors in case of breakage.

    thank you very much to all!!

    First of all thanks for the answers !.

    ¿What do I have to look for in e-bay for a Fanuc brake release unit?

    I don't understand what he means or what I have to give a fanuc to ask for it.

    I could not release the axle 14 brake with the variable:$PARAM_GROUP[1].$SV_OFF_ENB[1] ?

    1. If we consider that option for the future, but for now in case of crisis I would need to know if it is possible and how to release the single-axis brake by means of a variable or something like that to be able to push it by hand.
    2. Thank so much!

    Hola a todos, buenos días.

    Planeo crear una interconexión de señales para sacar al robot de la zona de trabajo en caso de crisis.

    En primer lugar, me pregunto si hay una variable para desactivar el freno del motor de un eje solo para poder mover el robot con la mano (empujándolo)

    Y en segundo lugar, si existe esa señal, planeo conectarla junto con la señal manual del robot y un detector para enviar al PLC y mover la parte una vez que el robot esté fuera, cuando lo movemos a mano en caso de crisis.

    Todo está claro, excepto la señal de liberación del freno de un solo eje, por ejemplo, el eje 1.


    Buenas tardes a todos.

    Hoy, haciendo una imagen de copia de seguridad, cuando el controlador finaliza y se inicia, aparecen los defectos SRVO-419, SRVO406, SRVO-037.

    No sé cómo volver a iniciarlo si acabo de hacer la imagen por backup sin tocar nada más.

    Apreciaría la ayuda. Un saludo.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Today, making a backup image, when the controller finishes and starts, the defects appear RVO-419, SRVO406, SRVO-037.

    I don't know how to start it again if I just made the backup image without touching anything else.

    I would appreciate the help. A greeting

    the process is to leave the piece on the conveyor. There is a camera on top of the conveyor and an encoder. When the vision recognizes the pattern there is no problem, but when it fails I want to leave the piece without correction.

    when it detects the piece it calls TP Depose_VKF6DA0.

    LBL [1]
    CALL VSTKGETQ (`wa1`, 1,100,1,1);
    IF R [1] = 0 JMP LBL [2]; !Process vision correct
    IF R [1] = 1 JMP LBL [3];

    JMP LBL [1];

    LBL 2;
    L P[1] 200mm/s fine VOFFSET,VR[1]
    CALL VSTKACKQ(`WA1`,1,1);


    LBL [3]

    L P[1] 200mm/s fine Offset,PR[26:OFF OPERATOR]

    CALL VSTKACKQ(`WA1`,1,1);


    tomorrow I will take the file in ascii to hang it here.

    Thanks so much!