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    Buenas tardes a todos.

    Hoy, haciendo una imagen de copia de seguridad, cuando el controlador finaliza y se inicia, aparecen los defectos SRVO-419, SRVO406, SRVO-037.

    No sé cómo volver a iniciarlo si acabo de hacer la imagen por backup sin tocar nada más.

    Apreciaría la ayuda. Un saludo.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Today, making a backup image, when the controller finishes and starts, the defects appear RVO-419, SRVO406, SRVO-037.

    I don't know how to start it again if I just made the backup image without touching anything else.

    I would appreciate the help. A greeting

    the process is to leave the piece on the conveyor. There is a camera on top of the conveyor and an encoder. When the vision recognizes the pattern there is no problem, but when it fails I want to leave the piece without correction.

    when it detects the piece it calls TP Depose_VKF6DA0.

    LBL [1]
    CALL VSTKGETQ (`wa1`, 1,100,1,1);
    IF R [1] = 0 JMP LBL [2]; !Process vision correct
    IF R [1] = 1 JMP LBL [3];

    JMP LBL [1];

    LBL 2;
    L P[1] 200mm/s fine VOFFSET,VR[1]
    CALL VSTKACKQ(`WA1`,1,1);


    LBL [3]

    L P[1] 200mm/s fine Offset,PR[26:OFF OPERATOR]

    CALL VSTKACKQ(`WA1`,1,1);


    tomorrow I will take the file in ascii to hang it here.

    Thanks so much!

    Hello to everyone!
    I'll tell you, I'm working with a fanuc r2000 with the IRVision Visual Line Tracking package. And it consists of a camera with a transporter. All good when executing the vision and the ofsset but when I get bad vision, I want you to deposit the piece without correction but I get an error.

    ERROR :CVIS-291.
    my code:

    CALL VSTKGETQ(`wa1`,1,100,1,1);
    IF R[1]=0 JMP LBL[2];
    IF R[1]=1 JMP LBL[3];

    JMP LBL[1];

    Label 2 and 3 are equal two points depose on the track, label 2 has the parameter VOFFSET, VR [1] and label 3 no.

    Thank you very much in advance.