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    Deinstall software Paket is unfortunately not the best solution. because most of the customers don't allow you to deinstall software.

    Regarding my question, I found the solution.

    Under C:\KRC\USER\MaintenanceMsg you will find MaintenanceMsgConfig.xml

    open the file

    and change the time to 0 (default is 120 sec) and the Message will be disabled.

    to be sure that the software disabled, you can check it MaintenanceMsg.log under C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Log

    Thank you

    Hello Forum,

    I have a KRC 4 (8.6) and since the update 8.3, there is a very annoying pop-up message which shows each 5 min and says( Default Message, please configure KUKA.MaintenaceMSG to show your message).

    Can you please tell me how to stop it?

    Thanks in advance..

    Dear Community,

    I have Yaskawa DX-100 Controller with MH50 Robot.

    I noticed that the memory space of the jobs is 2.5 MB which is for my Program too little.

    Is there any idea how can I expand the job space?

    Of course, the Trash Job box is empty.

    Thank you in advance.

    Toty Just curious, following up. Have you made any progress, success?

    Thank you for your question.

    after long ping pong emails with Motoman, I noticed the following :

    Yaskawa controller cannot work with an external axis as long as the external axis is not from Motoman.

    therefore we had to change our hardware and our configuration and then it worked. :thumbs_up:

    With the newer ones sometimes you can talk them into turning things on for free especially if it's something that should be standard like system job.

    yes, that is true. They already did it for me for free. I just sent them the All.PRM file and they activated the Ethernet function.

    Dear Community,

    I have MH 50 Roboter with a Dx100 Controller.

    in My (MASTERJOB) I have a different CALL with argument values as follows:

    my Problem is that I can't find GETARG in my Inform List although I set it to to the EXTENDED; the Parameter (S2C 2110=2).

    I tried to write on my computer and to load that program to the robot, but I got Syntax failure.

    the Job that I wanted to load is simply

    Is this instruction GETARG in DX100 also Optional? should I buy it from Motoman?

    I'm glad for your feedback!


    Hello, thanks for the input. I solved the issue. The ethernet function was set to "not used".

    can you please tell me how did you change the ethernet function from not used to use? I have now the same problem with DX100 controller.

    Many thanks!

    Although I have to do this challenge anyway, but Your words encouraged me to do it effectively.
    To let you more curious, the Motor of the external axis is not manufactured from Yaskawa. But as I tried with all the different ways to get that connection and no one was successful, I was informed by Motoman, that it is not possible to connect a different motor to the Yaskawa controller as long as the Motor does not belong to the Yaskawa company.

    So i will change the Motor first of all and then I'll enjoy it :comp13:

    If you cannot find the information you need, I should be able to post the manual. Just let me know if it is necessary.

    That will be very helpful to me for sure.

    Yes Please I need each small information that you might have :flower:

    I asked about your part geometries because in the case of a disc, sphere or cylinder you could look into the option "Thermal Spray Speed Control Function". It will make your robot move faster as it reaches the center of the workpiece, which you will define as a user frame. Paint is probably similar enough to thermal spray for this option to be relevant. As far as a cube goes, it might still work. This option is not very well known, but we use it here. Same situation, the table turns at a constant rate, but the robot moves faster and faster as it approaches the center of the uframe and then slower on the way out.

    That's really interesting.

    I didn't know about it.

    As I told you we have different shapes but we will start with the cubic one.

    Sometimes we have shapes with different geometries and some irregularities.

    I have to search more about this function.

    Many thanks



    Returning back to the topic connecting the external axis to the controller directly,

    Is it still possible to make the connection when my external axis controlled through its own frequency converter?

    I think it is no problem in this case, isn't it?

    Thank you all for your help, you let me spare a lot of time:blumen:
    And regarding this Question, is it still possible to controll the external axis through the Roboter when the external Staion has its own Frequency converter?

    I think it should be no Problem , just i need PROFIBUS MASTER BOARD installed in the DX100. Isn't it?


    Thank you for your replies 😳

    After I got all the news that I was afraid from them. I have to think an alternative ways.

    Is it not possible to send the plc frequently through for example (system. Job) the current speed of the robot as an analogue variable and in this case the plc can change it corresponding to the form of speed of the external station?



    Returning back to the topic connecting the external axis to the controller directly,

    Is it still possible to make the connection when my external axis controlled through its own frequency converter?

    I think it is no problem in this case, isn't it?

    Best regards

    Coordinated motion has nothing to do with a plc. If your external axis is connected to the controller, coordinated motion just needs to be turned on.

    You are right! But our external axis is not connected to the controller dx100 😬

    Do you mean that the sincronous motor are not connected (hardware) to the DX100?

    Yes exactly. The station and dx100 are not connected directly to each other, but each of them connected to the same plc separately.

    Thank you for your reply.. 😊

    But unfortunately I don't have a singular control from yaskawa like MP/iec.

    I have Siemens plc .

    If you think it is also possible, please let me know how to do it correctly.

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