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    Hello again! Partially solved the problem with starting (put a jumper on the X503 terminal block) Now, when loading, VRS1B gives an error: "RAM-Fehler! Geraet faehrt in AUTO zum Startpkt Geraet manuell freifahren" (RAM error! The device moves to the starting point in AUTOMATIC mode. Release device manually # GooglTranslate #) I press F1 - it is loaded. I switch to manual mode -> turn it on -> the contactor closes. I try to move, but after turning 5-10 degrees, everything turns off and on VRS1B there is a message that the "Soft Limit" has been exceeded. And so on all axes. In constants, I change the "Soft Limit" values. The values are saved, but when trying to move the same thing. Normalize the axes -> the same. Maybe someone faced similar problems on robots?

    Hello everybody! When the power button is pressed, the "E2-Closing shifted" error appears. As I understand it, some kind of blocking is triggered. The forum has repeatedly written that the blocking can be bypassed by putting jumpers in the "XS1000" and "X11" connectors, but there are no markings in the electrical cabinet and I have no electrical diagrams and descriptions. Who else knows where to put jumpers on this robot? Or tell me how I can determine it myself ... Thank you!

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