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    Found the conflict coming from the PLC. Drives Off bit was being Latched continually and Drives On being Unlatched by those same conditions and giving the START almost like a OneShot deferring the controller to Drives Off state.


    It's been some time since I worked with KUKA. I have a question that I hope has an obvious solution and I'm just rusty. . .The automated cell that my KUKA is a part of uses multiple finger swipe devices and light curtains and area scanners to provide the cell safety configuration along with one safety gate. I have noticed that the finger swipe device can be used to healthy the cell, however, I do not get the robot controller to pick up AUTO permissives with that initial reset. It may require one or two more swipes with the cell state remaining unchanged (i.e. still healthy from the initial swipe/reset.)

    • Maybe I've missed something in the safety configuration for reset by external device
    • The cell safety may not be sending the output from the PLC

    Any thoughts or previous threads addressing this same issue? Thanks in advance!


    I set the Track frame from a UFRAME I created and direct-keyed the coord data. The X+ is in the direction of material flow, so I don't believe my issue lies therein. Regarding the sensor I have realized that and it is now resolved with the trigger coming from PLC and PP direct to robot.


    I am working on a project that has me stumped. I need to set up line tracking and I cannot, I have the FANUC manual on LT, however, the conveyor counts are negative and increasing in that direction. When attempting to re-sync the trigger/part tracking I get errors for conveyor direction as well as the part sensor not being valid.

    1) Do I need the conveyor to count in a positive direction?
    2) What should I be looking for as a trigger and part sensor to configure the Line Tracking?
    3) Does the part present need to be direct to robot or can it be mapped as DI from PLC?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!