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    Hi :welcome:
    I noticed that there is a weird situation with Fanuc system variables - there is no any complete manual of that (e.g. RE: Is the system variable manual available on the FANUC Customer Portal?).

    So, Im looking for system variables for:
    - controller current/voltage values

    - robot serial number

    - moving parameters - current and targer acceleration, speed of TCP nad joints

    - position, velocity error - deviation

    - lifetimes of robot parts

    I looked through a fanuc web-server of robot and found nothing.
    Does anybody knows something about these vars?

    I'm looking for a way to make cyclical UR backup by SCP.
    As we know, there are three types of files (urp, txt, script).
    I'm wondering if I should store every of these files, or maybe just .urp file is enough?
    I will use magic file to upload it again to robot.

    Hey :welcome:
    I'm a newbie to Yaskawa robots and this environment, but I will work on this robot's mark so I am collecting data.

    I want to prepare a Python script to read data (only read, I don't want to control robot) from robot, such as current position, robot status, chosen program etc. I've found an information that there is an Ethernet Server and High-Speed Ethernet Server. So I have a couple of questions:

    - is this paid option?

    - is this available for every controller (DX200, YRC1000, FS100)

    - is this option configured to work by default?
    - if not, can I do it by myself, or will a service visit be required?

    - do you have any code examples of this type communication?

    - are there any free options to download this data? I thought about any industrial protocol (MODBUS, EIP, Profibus) but I'm not sure I any of them are standard?

    Hey guys!

    I've seen inthe Kawasaki documentation commands to save files viatelnet. I am thinking of preparing a script ( in python or sth) to do regular backup (e.g. 1 per day) for my robots. I will be working with E and F controllers. Currently I only have KROSET simulator. There are SAVE commands in AS documentation, but to use them I have to add name of the program I want to save, as in the screenshot.
    But, what if I don't know which program is "main" program? What name I should enter on this command? I tested on KROSET and KRTERM simple "SAVE test" and it saves a file "test" but I'm not sure if there is everything. I wonder if this file is enough to recover whole project?

    Or should I use SAVE/P, read the program names on the controller and download every one of them by SAVE file_name = received_name1, received_name2...,

    Once I have, I will try to calculate a checksum of the file to check if anything has changed in project, and then overwrite the stored file.

    Has anybody done something like this?

    Hey! :welcome:

    I've noticed that not in every Kawasaki robot Data Storage option (AUX->LOG FUNCTION) is available. Is this dependent on the robot or controller type? Or maybe it's a paid option?

    Hey :welcome:
    I'm preparing communication through telnet with Kawasaki robots. One thing I'm wondering, actually I haven't found anything in the documentation.
    Is there any global / system variable that states about safety circuit in robot? E.g. when I push an emergency stop button. I know that when there is an error, it's just a variable called "ERROR" and I can use PRINT ERROR, but unfortunately, safety issue doesn't cause any error. Have you heard about variable connected with safety statuses (emergency, fence, etc.) that I could just print?

    Yes, I think I know the difference but I wonder if it is possible to e.g. trigger through telnet (maybe there is a particular command for that, like there is WEIGHT command for setting payload) saving file (e.g. oplogs, errorlogs) to configured before FTP server. Anybody?

    Hey SAQER, can you share with this sheet?

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