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    Contacted KUKA HQ and the issue was a similiar ''break fault'' on a another robot and is now solved via new Wov 6.0. They didnt want us to change some break parameters in the robot because it will change back to original values next time the robot gets connected to Wov. I dont know why but i guess our robot is a bit older now..?

    But this problem happend only on when the signal Safe Operational Stop on X11 Contact pin 8 and 17 went LOW during T1 and EXT mode when robot is in motion or when drives and motors are Active without motion.. When signal is lost the robot breaks don't activate in time and the robot falls aprox 20mm Before the breakes come on. I solved this issue by jump wiring the signal and only using pin 4,13 & 19,29 instead… Works perfect!



    Controller: KRC4 Compact

    Robot: KR6 R900 Sixx

    KSS: 8.3

    Having a issue that is a bit wierd to me. Was testing/debugging some security breaching into the machine with opening doors and hatches etc when robot was in different positions in my program. Robot sits in a closed cabinet with a hatch and side doors for access. When suddenly as soon as the A2 is streched out a bit and i breached the Operator Safety by openign the doors the robot arm droped down 1-2inches before the breakes comes on. Tested the same positions with emergency stop and robot did what it suposed to do and the brakes worked perfect.

    What is wrong or what can be the cause for this action? I have no clue..



    Controller : R-30iB Mate

    Robot: LR Mate 200iD

    The problem is that I get SRVO-023 Stop error excess (G:% A:%) on one of my two external axis when its under load (Attached with a circular plattform).

    As soon as I release the breaks and try to jog it or touch the plattform a weird motion begins and starting to rotate fwd and bwd (wiggles) a couple times before the breaks comes on, stops the axis and SRVO-023 error appears.

    But when I remove the attached plattform from the external axis and jog it without any load at all, it works fine with no errors or complications.. :/
    I have have checked the settings for the axis in the Maintance tab in ctrl start and couldn't find any wierd settings or so.

    I have also increased and decreased the payload for the axis to see if that was the cause, but no sucess.

    Could the problem be something mechanical? Or a variables that needs a little tweak?:/


    41. Editing ConfigMoni thrue TeachPendant is sometimes painful if you have alot of Variable/Signals you want to monitor during the test period. Being able to edit thrue WoV instead would make this alot easier to edit and insert variable's..

    42. In the ConfigMoni you can only have maximum of 12 Item/Variable's on each folder/window you could monitor constantly. Increasing the number of that would be great.


    Yes you where right!

    Changing the X+ Value in my workspace so that it matches the distance between my TCP and and the wrist center made the workspace work!

    I also could make Y and Z smaller in both directions with no problem at all.

    Couldn't find any info about this in the documents...:/

    Thanks for the fast response! Problem Solved tho! :):thumbup:


    I have one big workspace Cartesian (WorkspaceMain) for the robot to work inside and has the mode #OUTSIDE_STOP, but I also have another very small Workspace Cartesian (WorkspaceSmall) inside my main workspace, but the mode for WorkspaceSmall is set to #INSIDE for now.

    And when I want to enter this WorkspaceSmall and work inside there I also want to change the mode to #OUTSIDE_STOP.

    When i change the mode to #OUTSIDE_STOP when inside the WorkspaceSmall the robot tell me that i violates WorkspaceSmall without even moving the robot yet. When #INSIDE mode is active it works just fine and the SIGNAL that i use sets to false as soon as I exit the Workspace...

    At first i thought that I needed to deactivate my Main Workspace before changing the mode but same result...

    I Checked the origin position and all coordinates with the specific tool and base I used...

    Its a tiny Cubic (Cartesian) Workspace with the origin right in the middle.

    All Coordinates X,Y and Z has 10mm in minus and plus.

    All A,B and C are set to Zero.

    So my question, what im a doing wrong or did not think of?

    Is there any limit on how small the workspace can be?

    Or can I have 1 workspace inside another?:/

    Any advice or help would be kind :)


    KSS 8.3

    KR C4 Compact

    KR6R900 sixx


    Skyfire: Yes I have already done that, waiting for a reply from KUKA Support.

    Panic mode: I want to exchange data to a PC Master in our project, where the PC is sending out different tasks to the robot. But in this case the robot itself is a master. And we need realtime communication between PC and Robot to secure that the information that is sent between these two are sent and recieved at a specific time.. and because pc is using modbus tcp as protocol and robot ethercat.


    Controller: KRC 4 Compact
    Robot: KR6 R900 Sixx (C4SR FLR)
    KSS version: 8.3.28

    I want to set upp the communication between the Gateway and the robot. I got ESi file (device description file) for ethercat from Anybus with PDO's included. Installed it to the WoV and Added the Anybus Gateway Slave under the Extension bus (SYS-X44) in the WoV project tree. Network cable from Gateway is connected to X65 on the controller.

    In the Config>Inputs/Outputs>I/O Drivers the Ethercar I/O SYS-X44's state is grey...

    Mapped some I/Os and deployed and restarted it with reloading files, before after the restart got two Error messages poping up.

    KSS13080: SYS-X44 Ethercat Device - Anybus X-gateway - Slave cannot be started.
    KSS00099: Error on reading/writing: SYS-X44

    I know there is a comunication error between robot and the gateway but i have no other ideas on what the cause could be.

    Any help or advise on how I could fix this problem?

    Kind regards

    Hey any help is welcome!

    So i have a KRC4 Compact controller with a KR6 R900 Sixx with a couple of Options pre installed from factory. The robot and controller has never been used since delivery and the VisionTech Option package is almost 4 years old now today. (VisionTech 3.0.2).

    I have a trouble with getting things started with VisonTech software i WorkVisual, I installed the KOP Files in to WoV and when I want to enter the Image Proccesing Task in WoV or any related things to VisionTech i get an error and message stating that WoV is ''missing Vision Tech Library 3.0''??

    I dont know if its because the Version of the option is too old or if I have missed something..
    I tried in two different version of Wov. 3.1 and 5.0.

    Any Help or tips is warmly welcomed!