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    <!-- Block Access to Skipping Lines of Code -->

    <PWD level="0" const="24" access="0"/>

    <PWD level="2" const="24" access="1"/>

    <PWD level="3" const="24" access="0"/>

    <PWD level="4" const="24" access="0"/>

    Does anyone have a description for each const? There are 24 total, and I only know what 20 and 24 do now.

    Hope this helps whoever else.


    I'm not sure exactly which one, I will figure it out and then update this post but I just added and disabled all of the constants to the password file. One of them disables being able to answer the "start from different line prompt"

    <PWD level="4" const="1" access="0"/>

    There are const 1-24, I disabled access to all of them for level 4.

    Does anyone have a description for each const? Otherwise I'll only be able to figure out which one affects this line skip prompt.

    How are you starting the robot? If you are using UOP, then simply don't provide the operators with a resume button. If they turn the teach pendant on and off then you can force them to start the program over from the beginning.

    It's a weird UOP/SOP combo. It's UOP signals controlled through flags so it can auto start after fence open/faults but if you press the sop start it will also pulse the start signal. But I don't want it to restart at the beginning because it's in the middle of loading a furnace and waiting for the signal drop the ingot, but they skip it and it loads the furnace anyway.

    It pops up with a prompt but they are intentionally skipping the line so they say yes. Currently I'm trying to figure out if I can disable the FWD/BWD buttons in the password xml file. I know it's a setting in the function menu but it would be nice to just have it tied to our logins instead.

    Anyone know the key Id for the FWD/BWD buttons? And/or where to find Key IDs in either the manual or variables? I have had no luck so far


    We have operators and others that have found if the robot is waiting for a signal that if they turn the TP on and go down a line, and turn the TP off and start the robot it starts from this new line. What options do I have for stopping this? We have passwords. Is there a system variable or something I'm misisng?


    I understand where you're coming from, I'm just trying to make a level for my automation team that has access to absolutely everything without giving the ability to disable passwords. Not that they would disable them but if someone got a hold of their login. Want to keep the install password off the floor for peaking eyes.


    I have added passwords to all of my robots and it's all working great, but I found that I can still simulate I/O even at the lowest level (but not when logged out). Does anyone know a line in XML that I can add to lock out this sim function?


    Is this a single pass or multiple? Are you conventional milling or climb? Conventional is recommended if you lack rigidity.

    It's a 3mm thickness part, doing multiple pass of .6mm each. After getting all the way through I do a final clean up cut that takes .4mm off of each side. And doing conventional milling

    Interesting enough I just milled the mirror image part and both the vertical and the angle piece came out really clean.

    The 3rd one is the bumpy one, you may be able to see in image, all others are a clean cut edge.

    HawkME, If I have an opportunity to move the fixture I will, and definitely plan to get the 2 flute bit.

    Haha, yeah I know this is very not ideal. I'm working with a lot of spare parts trying to do the best I can. 8o
    I got a 1/4" carbide 4 flute bit (extends about 3/4" past collar), 25,000rpm air spindle (self regulating so i cant adjust its RPM), moving at 8mm/s. The fixture is about 7ft away from the robot so not max reach but not very close.

    I'm about to get a 2 flute 1/4" carbide bit though.


    I recently started machining a section out of a part for tensile tests.

    I cut two dogbone shaped pieces and they need to be as accurate as possible obviously. I cut 2 pieces out of the same part, 1 is a vertical section and 1 is a diagonal section.

    When I cut the vertical section it comes out with a great finish, it measures at exactly 8mm which is what we need, but the diagonal piece is different. The edge finish is wavy and measures 7.9mm at one edge and 7.65mm at the other side.

    Is there something you guys can think of that would be causing I’m the diagonal piece to cut so much worse than the vertical? (Left is diagonal section)

    When I jog the robot forward and backward (+/-z in user frame) the tool is drifting up and down, then correcting itself after a short period of time. I was wondering what would solve this, possibly a motor issue? Video attached of me jogging it a toward and away from camera at 1%. video-1650495467.mp4

    Ok, I've done something similar to that before so I can do that, but what I ran into when I tried to do that was I couldn't find the start button signal. Do you off hand know where that signal runs? The start/reset button from the op panel.

    Thank you so much

    But will that macro be able to interrupt the current running program?
    Since the robot isn't controlled by a PLC we're running it from the start button. We just start a Main program where it loops and waits for the DCM to tell it to start spraying. At any point during this spray cycle we want it to be able to stop, go home and then keep running the Main (though if it can't keep running main because some sort of abort happens that's fine, just would be ideal)


    I have a Spray robot interfaced with a die cast machine, on the DCM there is a button "Home Robot" which turns on DI 7 on the robot.

    How can I set this up to if DI 7 = ON, call HOME.

    I tried with a monitor instruction and When DI 7=ON, Call Home. But alas, action programs can't have motion control.

    Is there a way to make this work, or is there a better way to do it? (I don't know how to program in Karel though :( )

    EDIT:The DCM is not PLC controlling the robot. Just interfacing via profinet.