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    In a pulse job, such as yours, the positions (steps, refp) are defined by pulse values. So for them the Position Type (POSTYPE) is pulse just like in your picture.

    But for POSTYPE USER I would guess you were saving some P-variables and those were in USER frame. Though in that case the line would not be CXXXXX=... but PXXXXX=.

    To answer you question we'd need to see an example of POSTYPE USER as well.

    Thank you so much. The JBI has POSTYPE USER in my controller still uses Cxxx

    Because we build this job file through teaching and at the same time we use three point to define a user frame in it.

    Hi, I create a JBI file on the controller by teach the robot some points, then I copy the file to PC and open it with vscode.

    Sometimes the part "POSTYPE" is "USER" and sometimes is "PULSE".

    - case: pulse:

    Can I change this "POSTYPE" part in a JBI file by doing something on the teach pandent?

    Thanks for answer~


    Is there a syntax instruction document of JBI file?

    I recently use EKI to realize data exchange between KUKA and PC. I know that first there should be a .xml file to config the connection.
    In the .xml file's <Send> part, there are many rows of code like:

    <ELEMENT Tag ="Robot/Data/ActPos/@X"/>
    <ELEMENT Tag ="Robot/Status"/>
    <ELEMENT Tag ="Robot/Complex/Tickcount"/>

    and so on...

    to tell the robot which variation will be sent.

    What I want to get from the robot is its current position. Although it is enough for me for now, I really want to know that is there a total list to tell me the correspondence between the XPath "Robot/..." and the system variations(or other properties of robot)?

    Like Robot/Data/ActPos means $POS_ACT.

    All those correspondence I know are learned from the examples in "KUKA.EthernetKRL 2.2" document.

    I don't know where to find documents like this.

    I am not an English native speaker and I'm not quite sure I express correctly, looking forward to replying and thank you so much