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    The home page should be an intro that explains the various components of the site, including the features Werner desires to have, and the features we already have like Forums, videos, files, resources...

    Right now, we just have the forum and the tab on top labeled "Forum" isn't very obvious that it's where you want to go, especially to new users.

    There is a manual available, it comes with the robot and is immediately lost by the first technician to stumble upon it, never to be seen again.

    We aren't allowed to post links to FANUC owned manuals or copyrighted materials here, but you can take a look at my open source ebook on TP programming. I'm *specifically* writing it out on my own to ensure it never angers FANUC's legal department.

    So far I've written pages on about a third of the TPP materials, and I add two to three pages every week. Each new concept is introduced in lab experiments as well, with step by step guides on how to apply them.

    So far, nobody has actually figured out why FANUC doesn't release free manuals for their products. You'd think they would, as someone is FAR more likely to purchase FANUC robots at their company if they can easily obtain all the required documentation.

    Very nice!

    This looks like a great resource to point my customers to when they want some very general basic info (and maybe more if we all contribute?).

    That's something that has always perplexed me. When you're choosing robots (and there's a LOT of choices these days) you're gonna google the shit out of it ahead of time. If there's not a huge community with lots of open/free documentation, manuals for days, and guides to really get over that initial learning curve - why would anyone choose your robot?

    I get that quality is quality and FANUC is surviving based on that, but damn - there was just nothing out there for people wanting to learn.

    I've been working on a website for awhile now to supplement the curriculum I teach on industrial robotics, in which we utilize a couple of FANUC educational carts (LR Mate 200id4s + R30ib).

    While students often find and use pirated FANUC books they find online, I could never endorse it or use them as part of the course itself due to copyrights. I made the site as a way around it, almost entirely researched by playing around with our robots and the simulator software.

    The site is designed for my students and so far it only really includes basic materials we teach in our single semester course, but I wanted to post it here because it may be of help to people here.

    Edit: The forum allows me to attach two files at a time to a post. I'm attaching two of the labs I created for the students to perform. I'll attach more to new comments.

    Motion Instructions Lab.docx

    Pepperoni Bot Lab.docx

    I have some educational carts using the R30iB controller. (LR Mate 200iD 4S) AFAIK this isn't designed around PLCs so I'm looking for some options for some remote IO for buttons/switches/lights/whatever so my students can experiment with programming actions based on sensor inputs other than just poking at the teach pendant.

    My first thought was just connecting a PLC via network, but from what I can see the Ethernet/IP option isn't purchased for these controllers, despite them actually having multiple ethernet ports built in.

    Does anyone know what Ethernet/IP costs for these things? I've never used a fanuc robot that didn't have it pre-installed so I'd welcome a ballpark of the cost.