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    i solve partial with the next:

    im not using arctech digital technology just KRL to weld

    welding_on () external program with outputs to start to weld , opetation mode , number job etc

    OUT 2 'robot ready' State=TRUE

    on sps , my welder requires this signal

    on $VEL_EXTAX[2]=1 only was possible int values not floating , i think depends of versions

    i remember before use floating values like 0.26

    also on the line before to end the FOR

    LIN_REL {y -2.5 ,E2 -5.0} C_DIS

    i see the positioner stop a little and then constantly movements

    why happend this? im using C_DIS , each the cycle start i see a little pause on the posionert plate

    what suggest me to start to weld again in the in case error ? tip damaged , lack gas , lack wire , errror etc

    if im welding and at the 30% of welding occurs an error , how to start from specific point ?
    maybe interrupts , but how i declare ?

    with arctech in case errors occurs i press start inverse and then start positve and start to weld , but now im usisg cycle FOR

    KRC2 Ed05 KSS 5.5.16

    arctech digital V2.3.3

    KR2210L180_2 S C2 FLR ZH210

    KL 1500

    custom positioner with motor siemens

    Hello ,

    I have a system to weld round pieces (2m diameter) and 6 m length

    i need to use weaving while positioner its rotating and regulate the speed of welding

    i can regulate speed of welding and rotating moving the speed of welding because is used BASE 17 for kinematics

    Ptp   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    Ptp   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    Lin   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    Lin   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc on lin   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc switch circ   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc switch circ   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc switch circ   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc switch circ   TOOL [1][base 17 ]
    arc off circ      TOOL [1][base 17 ]

    the arc switch circ , arc off circ have a little movements on the torch to avoid problem of same point equal to before programated, also between PI , PF i i rotate the positioner.

    So , this before mentioned work correctly to weld round pieces with the "fixed" torch and rotating round piece, i increase or decrease speed of welding as i need.

    This before mentioned is the solution for older post :

    in the past i wasnt using BASE 17 , for kinematics , if i use base 1 to 16 not work, not its possible to regulate speed welding

    Now the problem its: i need weaving , while i rotate the positioner and the speed need regulated as the process required

    i need a zig zag welding while the positioner its rotating to weld complete cincunferency

    its very important the movement constantly , if its not constantly the seam its thin or width.

    i see this 2 posts:

    maybe $circ_type=#PATH its an option

    I need advices to sincronize the weaving , rotation positioner , regulate speed welding.

    attached my machine data


    Of course I take a new HDD , configure the bios to first run on CD , install winxpe correctly, then kss , i choose the trafoname according the label, installation kss successful, restart, and the kss not run correctly, traffic lights of cross3 yellow or red

    Problem Solved.

    a friend send me manual of Saferobot.

    the procedure its the next:

    1. Select the menu sequence Setup > Service > Safe operation > Configuration.

    The configuration window is opened. The XML data and RDC data are displayed.

    Safety parameters that differ are indicated in red.

    2. Press the ID softkey.

    3. Enter the ID for the robot’s safety data.

    4. Press Enter and confirm the request for confirmation with OK. The data

    are accepted.

    just left 1 question , about installing operating system winXPe and KSS on new hdd was not possible.

    its neccesary special config to installing operating system winXPe and KSS on new hdd?

    i try many versions of KSS and not run correctly

    also this post can be useful:

    in the past i had similar necessity

    the users of this forum help me , i do some changes to the program and work correctly.

    ok , checking my wiring of X40 C4 and C6 arent jumpered with A9,A11,B2 also C3 and C5 arent jumpered with A10,A12,B1

    what indicates or what function are habilited on my actual config ?

    if i do the wiring like the next post :

    what indicates or what function are habilited ?

    Thanks for the info ,

    yes , the data that i change its accoriding you write for me.

    any changes i do with Mada and then after start cold appears the next errors :

    114 SRM Difference between XML / RDC data and machine data

    108 SRM safety state of the RDC not confirmed

    436 Short circuit braking request by RDC 1

    441 Invalid configuration on SafeRDW


    im doing changes of mada with software "winmerge " i edit macnine.dat ,$robcor.dat according [7] data axis

    inhibiting kss starup , pressing key CTrl i replace $macnine.dat robcor.dat

    also with a backup i modify $machine .dat,$robcor.dat and restore then cold start and its not possible to add external axis correctly.

    panic mode

    Good idea! i compare the machine data of kr210 with KL500

    with KR16_2 empty , i configure according [7] data axis and still with problems:

    114 difference between XML /RDC data and machine data

    108 safety state of rdc not confirmed

    also appear DYN_DAT erros

    Appears E1 need to be adjusted , i asume the external axis was added but not correctly.

    unfortunatly on D:/ theres not KSS 5.5.12 to re-install kss only there is folder MADA and OPT.

    Hello ,

    Im trying to add an external axis to the robot KR16_2 C2 # article 11010711 with cabinet (V)KRC2 ed05 # article 11010711 KSS 5.5.12

    With motor # article 69-225-463 and KSD1-32 # article 00-122-286

    in the past i configured the same motor and KSD32 with KSS 5.2.14 KR2210L150S2000 with no problems

    attached madas

    Now , i configure my MADA for 5.5.12 with the data before used on KSS5.2.14 and appears errors:

    436 short circuit braking request by RDC1
    114 difference between XML /RDC data and machine data
    1008 Dynamic model does not support this robroot kinematic

    DYN_DAT [422] ,DYN_DAT [492] DYN_DAT [496] on MADA

    i try with other servo files , cold start and its not possible to add external axis on KSS5.5.12

    I take a new HDD install operating system and KSS 5.5.16 , 5.5.10 ,5.6.12 and was not possible to install KSS , apparently KR16_2 C2 # article 11010711 with cabinet (V)KRC2 ed05 # article 11010711 only works with KSS 5.5.12 , so i take again my HDD with 5.5.12 and still trying to add external axis.

    Any idea to add my motor and KSD ?

    im not using SMB2 , im using X17 and X12 from the KPS

    Kind regards


    Problem solved,

    Also change the KPS 600 ,clean and replace buses cables , with no results.

    The error triggered randomly cascade of messages: "2861 KCPDRV2 : Error of watchdog"

    Any key of the Kcp2 not responding, It's necessary restart , choose cold start to erase the error , and after few minutes or couple hours the error triggered again.

    Use a new HDD, I re install winXp ,kss ,load previous backup.

    2 days working with no alarm.

    Apparently the operating system suffer degradation

    This glitch is coming from the KSD boards! I work on a repair bench for KUKA license plates. I even wrote a manual on how to fix this type of error. If you want to know more I am open for dialogue.


    I'm interested on the glitch Matheus

    I have a KUKA KrC2 with this issues

    "Error common on KSD 1-6 "

    "Error synchronization ksd 1-6 "

    "Perturbance on KSD 1-6 "

    I try replacing many parts ...

    Ksd ,Kps , computes ,buses cables.

    Your help will be very useful


    Hello ,

    KR210 KRC2 KSS 5.2.14

    I have the error "2861 KCPDRV2 : Error of watchdog"

    i try many things :

    Change complete PC, KCP2 , safety board , harness of kcp,

    checking documents of error messages not appears error 2861

    any suggetions ?