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    krc2 has MFC2 ISA card and for MFC2 there are 2 versions of DSE-IBS cards DSE IBS 3.02(older) & DSE IBS C33(newer)

    I have a robot with mfc2 & dse-ibs 3.02 and an other robot with mfc2 & dse-ibs c33

    DSE IBS 3.02 uses file INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2.bin installation file

    and DSE IBS C33 INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2_C33.bin installation file

    I have kss 5.4.10 and kss 5.6.10 and in both kss versions installation file INTERNAT\KRCSETUP\KRC\ROBOTER\DSE\KRC2.bin is missing but exists KRC2_C33.bin so these kss versions work only with DSE-IBS C33 not with DSE-ISB 3.02 .

    I found KRC2.bin from a other vss 5.4.10 installation files and copied to kss 5.4.10 files so now kss 5.4.10 installation works with DSE-IBS 3.02.

    I have tried KRC2.bin file from vss 5.4.10 to kss 5.6.10 but does not work.. work only with kss 5.4.10.

    So my question is has anyone kss/vss 5.6.x installation that has KRC2.bin file that works with DSE-IBS 3.02 or does not exist at all KRC2.bin file for

    kss/vss 5.6.x ?

    The simple solution is to use some special aluminum welding/brazing rods

    that is a aluminum-zinc alloy(melts about 400 °C) and solders aluminum alloys very good and it is much harder than aluminum(because of zinc content).

    The only tools you need is a propane gas(mapp gas) & an stainless steel wire brush.

    Guarantee result..

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    Before apply any heat you must remove the connector with plastics/cables etc


    I have got a used krc2 robot from mercedes benz that doesn't have standard X11 or XS1 port for safety circuit.

    It has these connectors shown in the photos.

    How to wire it for jogging in T1/T2 mode?

    Can remove the pcb that is on top of esc-ci board that has 2 circular address configurators (x1/x10)

    so make it simple esc-ci ?

    i cannot find Kuka.Plasma_Cu_HR.USA ..

    I have UserTech and TouchSense but not ArcTechAnalog only ArcTechDigital

    If i make a breakout board to convert analog values to digital will work with ArcTechDigital ?

    Also is there any tech package for waterjet ?

    There is the build in devicenet port also i have pci profibus and pci fiber optic interbus cards for krc2.

    I can make a breakout board that gets discrete for example 8 24V signals and outputs 0-10V analog

    so i will have 256 discrete analog 0-10V values.

    Ok i will do that with sliced I/O beckhoff / wago devicenet-profibus .

    What i will need from kuka technology packages ?

    I have krc2 5.4.11 and krc2 5.6.10


    I have a mig-mag welder that accept analog 0-10V for config the voltage wire-feed-speed

    and 0-24V I/O signals for starting welding cycle / errors etc(does not have any fieldbus or serial interface is old machine).

    Also i have an HD plasma that accepts I/O signals and have on it's own torch height control (about 200mm linear axis with small dc moter) independent from robot.

    Last i have an inverter that accepts I/O 0-24V and 0-10V for rpm config of the motor.

    What I/O hardware options exists from robot ? devicenet - profibus coupler like those from wago or beckhoff ?

    What technology packages will need for these applications ?

    arctech analog or simple arctech ? usertech for plasma ? any other tech package ?

    For welding can be done from teach pendant or needs cam-cam for offline programing ?


    This is

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    What cad-cam used in this video for robotic diamond saw wire ?

    robot milling softwares powermill robot / sprutcam robot / robodk

    have different prices but except from price which is better

    for robot milling with spindle and cutting with plasma-laser-waterjet ?

    The switches are wired to robot.

    In 3rd axis the travel is so limited that can not use the robot normally.

    Series 2000 robots for example kr210 (year 2004) krc2 has safeop technology ?

    Can add safeop technology to this robot ?

    I have contacted kuka and told me that the mains filter has leakage

    so 30mA RCD ac type trips with 300mA RCD no problem.

    Also manual recommends 300mA RCD.

    The robot has very limited travel path on axis 2 with these switches.

    When switches activated robot drives disabled and robot stops.

    These switches are not connected to plc but on robot.

    I have other krc2 robots like kr210 and these robots have "soft" endstops if mastered

    also hard end stops at the limit of travel that robot crashes .

    This kr125/3 the is previous generation from 2000 series robots haw also soft end stops

    and hard endstops ?

    Limit switches are for more safety ?

    That is for limit switches for safety.

    It was an optional package, a way of getting safety-rated axis range monitoring before SafeOp was available. The aluminum arc would carry pairs of small "rails" with bevelled ends. These rails would be cut and positioned such that each rail would trip a single safety-rated safety switch whenever the axis was between two particular angles. These switches would then be wired back to a safety relay circuit or safety PLC.

    These ends tops drastically reduce the envelope of robot.

    Can make the rails longer or remove them completely to have all the space robot can reach ?

    I traced with multimeter the tracks in esc-ci board and found the pinouts of X6/X9/X10/X11/X12

    removed the cables that was on esc-ci X9 / X10

    made correct jumpers and now works robot moves in T1/T2/AUTO.

    This esc-ci has no esc chips populated in pcb so it is not esc node

    The robot is kuka but with wittmann logos & extras

    Please look the esc-ci v1.40 board that has many unpopulated electronic components.

    Is that normal? Is this esc-ci pcb a simplified version of esc circuit ?

    Maybe this simplified esc-ci board needs some different jumpers to disable e-stop ?

    Where can find esc-ci board X9/X10/X11/X12 ports pinout ?