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    Every time i do cold start the administrator login is lost in kss.

    How can config kss to login automatically as administator ?

    Also i think after some tech packages installation at every reboot misses RDC data from hard disk

    if i go to help->robot data and get robot data from rdc the data updated in kss and everything works but at reboot are lost.

    (This problem i think appeared after some tech package installation but iam not sure..)

    From where can i get 24vdc for powering wago devicenet ?

    Must put separate 24vdc power supply or can i get 27V(not 24v) from kps27 ?

    ok if inputs and outputs are separate then i think is correct because i have read the analog i/o

    goes first in address space.

    Something other i have arctech analog krc2 tech package and cy386mpra robot welder

    that has the robot interface shown in the photo.

    After setup wago i/o with correct iosys.ini install arctech analog and connect welder robot interface

    with wago I/O modules how can i use welder from robot ?

    Is there some instructions ?

    Inputs and outputs share the same address space or different ?

    I have 2 analog outputs 8 analog inputs and 10 analog outputs

    is this config correct ?

    INB0=1,0,x8  ;$DIN[1-64]
    OUTB0=1,4,x10  ;$DOUT[1-80]

    2 very important things are the motor winding poles and motor resolver poles

    if these 2 are improper configured does not work.

    Also if motor phases or resolver is not wired correct then does not work.

    After that must have correct PID parameters.

    That is in general for all servomotor systems not only for kuka

    The rj12 & rj45 plugs for interbus cable that goes from 6th to 7th servo drive

    must be shielded and the cable must shielded otherwise does not work.

    I suggest to try as starting point the pid parameters of 1st axis that has the same motor.

    no you did not understand me correct i mean that

    you made similar function of ready2_pilot with other hardware..

    with a serial spacemouse connected to anybus serial-devicenet connected to devicenet port of mfc2 correct ?

    What configuration have you done in kss ?

    One thing about the spacemouse: first versions of them had a serial interface and came from Logitech, may be you can get a used one on eBay or so.

    In former days I used them myself to do hand guided programming of KRCs.

    On one robot I used a Anybus serial-devicenet converter, so the robot had digital signals from spacemouse.

    So you have done ready2_pilot function with a serial spacemouse connected to anybus serial-devicenet

    connected to devicenet port of mfc2 ?

    What configuration you have done in kss ?

    No probably i will not use 3Dconnexion as is because it has no drivers for windows xp

    I will make my own 3D mouse i have seen a teardown of space mouse and is not so difficult.

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    The reason is that i want something to work with windows xp

    so i will avoid other embedded pc that will read 3d space mouse.

    Mine 3d mouse will have direct connection to kpc2 with rs232

    I will get a space mouse that i will remove the controller put inside mine stm32 mcu

    and rs232 circuit to hanlde the serial connection.

    Next i can make a simple windows app that will read the 3d mouse in kpc2 from rs232

    but my problem is how to send commands to kss from this app.

    Is there any api to kss or documentation how to program extensions for kss

    or how to control kss from external app ?

    I want to implement similar functions of ready2_pilot to krc2.

    I have seen this 3d mouse that i can attach to robot arm at wrist

    This 3d mouse will connect with a mini/embedded pc wireless and will read the commands of 3d mouse

    this embeded pc that will be connected via ethernet to kpc2

    and will send movement jogging comands via kukavarproxy client for kpc2 kukavarproxy server.

    How do you hear this ? can be done ?

    I think the only thing needed is a small application that will read 3d mouse and send commands via ethernet to kpc2 kukavarproxy server.

    Another scenario is to make a 3d mouse from scratch that is connected directly to kpc2

    and an external read the 3d mouse and send jogging commands to kss..

    This application can be done as extension for kss ?

    Is there any programing manual for programing kss extensions?

    Exists something other like this for krc2 ?


    I have the profibus pci card and wago profibus i/o slices shown in photo.

    Except of profibus cable what other need to connect a robot mig welder with 19 pin interface shown in the photo?

    Welder has 2 0-10V analog inputs one is for selection of 0-63 welder programs

    and the other 0-10V analog input is for mig voltage selection.

    Because i haven't arctech analog tech package(only arctech digital)

    i will make a breakout pcb that get as input 6 bits 2^6 and output 0-10V analog for the welder input

    so i will have selection of 64 programs digitally.

    How to configure profibus pci card and wago i/o module ?

    What software needed ?

    Also what is easier for this use-case scenario

    interbus , profibus or devicenet ?

    I have only interbus and profibus wago i/o modules not devicenet so i prefer profibus/interbus.

    For a milling robot that has rotary table and a linear axis

    or for a welding robot with 2 extra items positioning axes

    will be useful for example to lock brake of the rotating table/linear rails while milling

    or lock the 2 extra axes of the items that will be welded right ?

    If i have a robot with custom linear rails (not KL1500) and a rotary table must use SBM2 or not ?

    If i have a mig welder with 2 more axes for positioning parts for welding must use SBM2 or not ?

    Without SBM2 can i have 2 more external axes or only 1 ?

    What are the advantages of SBM2 ?

    For both..

    KRC2.bin file from vss work to the same version kss

    vss has KRC2.bin file but KSS not.

    So if you copy KRC2.bin from VSS to KSS installation

    you can have KSS with DSE IBS 3.02 working.

    I have done that for 5.4.X versions


    but kss v5.4.10 installation i had does not included KRC2.bin originally so not worked with DSE IBS 3.02

    only with DSE IBS C33 but after copied (a weird hack) KRC2.bin file from VSS 5.4.10 installation

    to KSS 5.4.10 installation now KSS works with DSE IBS 3.02.

    VSS 5.4.10 installation included KRC2.bin but no KSS 5.4.10

    Also i had other VSS < 5.4 installations that not included KRC2.bin ..